Sint-Niklaas –

A 55-year-old driver of the Line, The fear of a coronabesmetting, after he on Thursday in Sint-Niklaas, and was spat at by an aggressive passenger. “Over the next ten days, I have to be vigilant for the symptoms and for at least a week of no work,” said the man.

The incident occurred Thursday afternoon at the height of the Vossekotstraat in Sint-Niklaas. A 55-year-old driver of The Line that had been in the ovonde of The Star with a flat tire and it was on to the next bus stop, drove to the bus safely to the side of the can. “While I was out, my back tire was inspected, I was one of only three passengers on the bus, call in and scream at me,” the testimony of the bus driver, who does not want his name in the paper.

Travelers make trips.

“When it became apparent that the band was completely broken it was, I got back on the bus. I explained the situation and asked the passengers to get off, so that the bus could take it,” said the driver. “As for the man, which I was blaming for the head was cast, it was apparently the last straw. He moved with his son to the front and spat in my face. Something like that like I won’t be able to, and certainly not in the time of the solar corona.”

After the incident, stepped up to the conscious, the passenger, together with his son in the road. And when, shortly afterwards, the emergency services are on-the-spot came up and asked the bus driver to have a coronatest. “But it would still make no sense, they told me,” said the driver. “There always has to be taken into consideration, with an incubation period of ten days. I have to go straight to the doctor. In the next few days, I have to be extra vigilant to the symptoms of the same name. I am also not able to get to work. I have been working for more than eight years as a bus driver. This is the first time that I have to do to get aggression up on my bus.”

The police force of Sint-Niklaas, confirms the incident and asked a report on it. There was also a picture of a raging customer. “We will see presently whether there is usable footage of the violence,” said commissioner of Lily Infection. “As to the identity of the perpetrator is not yet known.”

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