Megan Fox and Brian Austin green

34-year-old Megan Fox, a 46-year-old Brian Austin green was one of the most beautiful and strong couples in Hollywood. Their relationship, which lasted for 15 years, has always been a roller coaster as they went through the breakup of an engagement, the birth of three children, was on the verge of divorce, but a few years ago was able to overcome a family crisis. This spring, the couple was again in the spotlight of the tabloids — they once again announced the breakup, but still has not filed the divorce papers. SPLETNIK.RU decided to recall the brightest moments of life together Megan and Brian today on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of their wedding.


Megan Fox and Brian Austin green met in 2004 on the set of the TV series “Queen of the screen”. Megan, which at that time was only 18 years old, fell in love with Brian at first sight. Green, in turn, the first time didn’t take their romance seriously for several reasons. First, the Fox who was younger than him by 13 years, seemed to him too young and immature for a serious relationship, and secondly, in that period he was going through a bad breakup with a colleague on the series “Beverly hills 90210” Vanessa Marcil and he was not ready to plunge into a new vortex of feelings.

Brian Austin green and Megan Fox

But Megan was determined and made every effort to make this work. In an interview, Brian admitted that the persistence of the Fox played a key role in their love story. The actor said that initially rejected mistress, but changed his mind after she made it clear that he would find another.

Megan was very young when we met. And I decided that anything between us will not. Fortunately, she was very insistent.

Megan Fox

Later Fox herself admitted that Brian was her first and greatest love. Greene himself says that the relationship with Megan helped him not only recover the lost part of yourself, but also to increase self-esteem.
She needed someone responsible and down to earth. We are perfect for each other — said the actor.

Brian Austin green with his former sweetheart Vanessa Marcil

Megan and Brian become one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood and constantly hit the lenses of reporters at social events, visits or walks around the city. Surrounded by lovers spoke exclusively about how beautiful they are. Fox quickly established a relationship with his son Brian from Vanessa Marcil — she became for him not only the best friend and second mother.

Megan copes with parental responsibilities. Perhaps it is the inherent nature. She loves my daughter.on Cassius. We started Dating when she was 18 years old, and she immediately took his education under his control. It’s just incredible, — talked about the beloved green in one of the conversations with reporters.

Brian Austin green and Megan Fox

Looking at how Megan deals with his son from a previous relationship, green finally realized that much mistaken in her in the beginning of the novel, and decided that she is serious about and truly ready to start a family. In 2006 the actor made Megan an offer of marriage, to which she replied Yes. The lovers began to prepare for a modest wedding ceremony.


However, soon after the engagement, the relationship Megan Fox and Brian Austin green have started to deteriorate. In 2007, Megan began shooting in a glorified it for the whole world “Transformers”, and Bryan at that time was busy filming the TV series “Terminator: the battle for the future”. As a result, because of the strenuous working hours the lovers had little time for each other.

In 2009, the paparazzi noticed that Megan Fox stopped wearing the engagement ring, and after a while it became clear that the lovers decided to leave. As soon as the green believe in the seriousness of the beloved, as she is afraid of commitments and admitted that he is still too young for marriage. br>
After parting ways with Greene, Megan Fox spun a brief affair with his colleague at the “Transformers” boys, Shia LaBeouf. At the time, the couple did not comment on their relationship, but a few years ago, Fox has confirmed that in that period she was really in love with LaBeouf.Confirmed that everything was romantic. I loved it and never hide it, — admitted the actress.


the Separation of Megan Fox and Brian Austin green lasted 10 months, after which they realized they can’t live without each other. The pair met and the actor is already the second time took a sweetheart offer of marriage, which she again said Yes, at that time the actress was 24 years. This time Megan and Brian did not delay the celebration and were married less than a month after the engagement.

the Wedding took place on 24 June 2010 at the Four Seasons hotel on the island of Maui in Hawaii. The ceremony was secret, and was present at her only relatives of the newlyweds. The lovers exchanged vows right on the ocean: to the altar Megan walked barefoot and in a white fluttering in the wind dress by Armani Prive.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin green’s son CassiusI of anything and never in my life have never been so sure like in a marriage with you. This is a great start to an amazing family life, which we are, said in that solemn day Brian in her wedding dress.��Noah vows.

Your honeymoon for Megan and Brian held at the same hotel in Hawaii, where after 7 years of relationship enjoyed each other in a new status — husband and wife.

Shortly after the wedding, Megan inadvertently lost a platinum ring with a diamond of two carats, which Brian had given her to seal their Union. Decoration Fox was never found, so the husband gave her a new, even more luxurious diamond ring three carat worth 80 thousand dollars.
I like to look at Megan in the morning. I love how she looks in clothes. And I absolutely don’t care if her face makeup or not, — lovingly talked about his newfound wife Brian in one of his interviews.


In September 2012 Megan Fox and Brian Austin green had their first child, whom they named a beautiful name Noah Shannon. The fact of the pregnancy of the wife carefully concealed and publicly announced the completion of the family only a month after the appearance of the baby born.We’re happy to call ourselves parents of this beautiful soul and I will always thank God for giving me the opportunity to feel such love — posted by Fox on its Facebook page.

after many years, Megan admitted that quite well bore first pregnancy and going into labor, at first had no idea what’s ahead of her — even strong contractions forced her to give up styling before you leave the house.
I thought that I would be strong, and the nurses say, “She is a Princess-warrior. She didn’t need the epidural. She’s gorgeous!”. But on the way my water broke and I began to literally beg to give me an epidural (regional anesthesia technique. — Approx. ed.), barely coming out of the car. Asked to give me something for the pain everyone saw on the way, even the guards. Pain on a scale from 1 to 5 it was a solid four, — remember Megan Fox on his first delivery.


After the birth of first child, Megan Fox was deeply immersed in motherhood, and just 10 months after the couple announced the second pregnancy. Later in an interview, Megan admitted that none of their children were not planned, — in this matter the couple relied on fate and chance.

the Second pregnancy was harder for the actress than the first. The first few months of Fox suffered from severe toxemia, while Megan was time to act and take care of the older son.

Brian Austin green and Megan Fox with sonsthe First pregnancy was much easier. This time I’m much more complicated. The first trimester was hard, and secondly, all returned to normal. I already have a year-old child who requires special attention. And toGDSs still working 15 hours a day, juggling all that incredibly difficult, — Megan recalled about her second pregnancy.

throughout all 9 months Brian Austin green strongly supported the beloved and indulged all her whims — most often during this period, Megan wanted the husband indulged her with something sweet. In an interview the actor admitted that he admired his wife, and said that just wouldn’t be able to bear a child, whether it’s on Megan.

the Second son of Megan and Brian was born on 13 Feb 2014 and was named an unusual name Bodhi ransom.


After the birth of the second child Megan Fox and Brian Austin green’s a crisis. The couple has deteriorated badly, and in late summer of 2015 was revealed that the actress has filed for divorce and requested joint custody of their two sons.

On the causes of divorce the spouses are not covered, however, in their surroundings said that Megan is simply tired of her husband constantly seeks to limit her and wants her to spend more time at home with the kids, while Fox herself wants more to act and to engage in self-realization.

In the press has even begun to appear the first details of high-profile divorce: it was expected that Brian will receive from a former spouse alimony because of his weakened after a car accident health. In the case of divorce, Megan had to share a part of their income with the ex-spouse, because he earned much more of it. This difference in income was associated with a received in the accident injury, where Brian often experienced dizziness and could not get out of bed not to mention away for a full day of shooting.

Already in the divorce process, it became clear that Megan is having a third child, fathered by Brian. Third pregnancy Fox has made adjustments to their plans. The star couple decided to give their relationship a second chance primarily for the happiness of children. Megan took the papers from the court, and they, along with Brian started to re-build nearly destroyed a family.

By the way, Brian, even during the breakup did not lose hope that he and Megan still be together, and after the news of her pregnancy was literally overjoyed.
In the period of their separation, Brian had hoped that Megan would change her mind about the divorce. He is very happy that we managed to get her back. They both worked hard to save the marriage. A powerful incentive for the rapprochement was the fear that children will grow up in a single parent family — talked about the difficult period in the life of a couple the insider.

Brian Austin green sons
Glad reunion Megan and Brian were and their numerous friends, who have always considered them the perfect couple and were convinced, their breakup is a big mistake. Friends expressed the hope that the birth of a third child will really unite the spouses, and they will finally be able to solve all the accumulated problems.

the Third son of Megan and Brian were born August 4, 2016 — the parents named the baby Journey river. The birth of a boy really positive impact on the relationship between the spouses: they overcame the crisis and started a new life, and in the pictures the paparazzi with a romantic rendezvous and walks reminded the newlyweds.

Megan Fox with his young son Journey

After the birth of her third son in the family, Megan and Brian, it seemed, had returned an absolute idyll. Fox publicly thanked her husband for the wonderful genes that he has invested in their children, and Greene admitted that wants to beloved one gave birth to a daughter.Now I have four boys, and five is already a basketball team. Gladly would have taken the news about the completion of family. I really want a girl… Really worried, and suddenly will be born another son. Of course I love my boys, but I don’t know if five, — shared grin in an interview just a year after the birth of the youngest son.

In his conversations with reporters Megan and Brian never tired of proudly telling how they managed to overcome a family crisis and reach a new level of relations based on mutual respect and understanding. The star couple did not hide that life in marriage is not a fairytale, and clarified that to stay together is helping them with daily work on the relationship. I don’t live in illusions. I’m just trying to live and enjoy what we have. Some believe that divorce is a cause of disappointment, but it’s not. Divorce can be positive. We have three wonderful kids. We had and have a wonderful relationship. We just work on the relationship day by day, told Brian about family life with Megan.

Fox, in turn, said that taking a decision on family preservation first and foremost thought about my children:
I concentrated on his emotions and set priorities. Children and their welfare is all that matters. When you’re sure they’re all right, love will make itself felt in the future.Brian and Megan tried to equally divide among themselves the task of caring for his three sons — for example, if the actor took the kids to the garden, his wife took them from there to the end of the day. While the couple did not forget to devote time to each other. Once a week they leave children in the care of a babysitter and arrange a romantic date, during which the two of us went to the movies or dinner at a restaurant.

Megan Fox with sons

At the end of April 2020, after the start of quarantine for pandas��MIA coronavirus, in a press there were first news about the problems in the marriage. Insiders close to the star couple asserted that the couple have for some time not living under the same roof. According to their reports, the actress has decided to stay with the kids in Calabasas and her husband moved to Malibu, and they quite often meet together to spend time with his sons.

Megan Fox with sons
a Little less than a month, Brian himself has hinted at the breakup with his wife. He has published in instagram post in honor of her birthday, which consisted of a picture of butterflies and signatures, in which fans go see the hidden meaning. eventually get tired of butterflies sit on each flower, they begin to suffocate. Around them a huge world, and they want to test him, — posted by green.

the next day, the actor confirmed that they had indeed split up with his wife after 10 years of marriage. In his podcast he said that the first difficulties in the relationship they have with Megan appeared at the end of last year — at that time the actress has returned to the country from the filming of the picture Midnight in the Switchgrass, which were attended with a 30-year-old rapper Colson Baker.

we had a serious conversation. Megan said that while he was abroad and worked one finally felt like herself and more like himself in that moment. Megan said that she would like to try something new. I was shocked and upset, but I couldn’t blame her, because it was a choice she made. She sincerely felt that need. We talked a little more and decided to leave for a while. We had an amazing relationship, I will always love her and know that she will always love me announced the separation of the green.

Brian said that he and Megan agreed to maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of three sons and plan together to hold family holidays and vacations. The actor also denied rumors that their breakup with his wife is somehow connected with Colson Baker, acting under the alias Machine Gun Kelly. He assured that Megan Coulson just good friends, and asked reporters not to put their villains, and his victim in the situation.

Immediately after the announcement of Brian in the press have started talking that in fact, the relationship Megan and Coulson not long ago escalated from friendly to romantic. Eyewitnesses claimed to have repeatedly seen how the rapper and the actress together heading to the Fox mansion in his car. Their meeting mainly occurred when the three sons stayed with their star father. By the way, the Baker is also growing 11-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, whom he tries to spend his free time.

Colson Baker

numbersleep with the Baker’s daughter
They started chatting as friends, but all that time between them was growing mutual sympathy. Megan believes that Coulson is really a great guy, and recently their relationship developed into a romance, — was told by the insiders.

rumors of a romance for Megan and Coulson warmed and a new clip of the rapper for the song Bloody Valentine. In the music video Fox has played a major role, and appeared in the form of a crazy girlfriend of a musician. By the way, a couple recently indirectly confirmed their relationship. Paparazzi caught Megan and Coulson during a romantic walk on her, they held tight to hands and gently kissed in the car.

Megan Fox Colson Baker

Brian Austin green, in turn, also not spending time alone. He was recently seen in the company of 25-year-old American model Courtney Stodden. Eyewitnesses claim that they came together for a food takeaway in one of the restaurants of Los Angeles and behaved as a couple. br>
While green is still not ready to give up on his relationship with Megan Fox and is in no hurry to file for divorce. The actor is convinced that he and his wife still have a chance to overcome the next crisis, because they had such a good experience.They separated in the past, and then he agreed. Brian is not going to file for divorce. It seems that he again hoped that he and Megan will be able to negotiate. He gives her own space and allows you to do whatever she wants. He really wants her to be happy. Brian believes Megan is an awesome mom and very upset that she’s seeing someone, — say insiders.

it is Worth noting that myself and Megan, who initiated their break, too, did not manage to submit the divorce papers to the court. In addition, Fox is in no hurry to introduce a new boyfriend to their kids. Sources close to star pair, say that the relationship of the actress and rapper is tender and romantic, but it is not very serious. Therefore, it is possible that the Megan does not deny that after some time, he and Brian decide to give your marriage the third chance.

Megan Fox Colson Baker

Megan Fox and Brian Austin green