Funny thing is that the crooks made their RAID for political reasons: they did not like the crook Nixon. The same Richard, 37th President of the United States. They wanted to punish him, expropriated his dirty accumulated by unjust money. At the same time to avenge the war in Vietnam, infringement of rights of trade unions and bombed Cambodian kids, how pathetic is broadcasting one of the characters in the movie the white-haired Enzo Rotella.

In the life of these guys ended up more interesting than in the movies: triumph inspired by California, they decided to more bright even in Ohio, but, going “on business” and having supper, I forgot to turn on the dishwasher, and they are easily calculated from the fingerprints on the plates. The filmmakers decided not to look that far – they had the incongruities of the California action in order to take down the crime Comedy in the spirit of “Eleven friends of Oushena”. Noticeably worse, but digestible.

it All starts in a diner, where the handsome Barber admits girlfriend Molly that he’s not it. And the proof makes a poster with his portrait and classified as “Wanted!”. And we go from 80 years ago in the 70s, where he lihachat on the same Mustang that his idol, the star of the 50’s Steve McQueen. McQueen is a film icon, which the Barber verifies all his actions. Buys the same cars as the heroes McQueen, presses on the gas, as McQueen in “Detective Bullitt”, walks the same walk that McQueen in “the Magnificent seven”, as well shorn and adopts the same posture. It is important even the fact that he lives above the cinema, which had seen plenty of pictures with McQueen and where the twist of the “Little novel” the 79-year – that firmly binds the action to the correct historical period.

the Russian audience today, there are few that will say the name of American icons, and the title of the film “In search of Steve McQueen” was changed to “Robbery of the President.” Arbitrarily shifting so all the accents, because the film is primarily aimed at the enthusiastic recognition of these poses, hairstyles, phrases, melodies and Mustangs-69 coming into this movie straight from the 70’s of the last century. And then to tell about the adventure of the century.

Therefore, a lot hangs in the air. As a habit of starring Travis Fimmel – pustulata choleric, which strives the person who stutters with excitement, gesticulating violently, and looks pretty stupid. It takes the poses from the films McQueen, but it’s shot in vain. He drives his Mustang along the gully, but only confirms the sad fact: that car chases in the movies are not as stunning. And all the time I want to ask the actor to return to a more normal human size. Directed to do not have guessed that talking to him in a big disadvantage.

the History of preparation and realization of�� robbery Director divides into pieces and whimsical mixes them up, tossing the viewer from the present to the past and back again so abruptly that the course of events and especially their logic from congestion collapse – the audience all the time you need to collect them back. Here and there throws and the characters: that’s just what the Barber was an idiot an idiot, and suddenly shows such a remarkable knowledge of plugging alarms that of a rogue-a fool instantly becomes a genius of criminal ideas.

the film is a lot of exotic entertainment from California palm trees to oak villas with Jacuzzi and nightlife. But most importantly the attention the Director pays to the recreation of the sound of the aura of the times, Nixon – behind the scenes continuously hear Tommy James, T. Rex, The Murmaids, The Association, James Gang and other representatives of a psychedelic, rock and sunshine pop. In a couple of frames show a toy as in the town of LEGO, street drifting Chevrolet corvettes – it’s no longer available.

the robbery this emphasized in the phlegmatic manner with a neatly done by the hole in the ceiling storage and sleeping habits of the gangsters-fans: the disparity of personality parameters of the characters of this story with the status of one of the most notorious adventures of the century included in the “goal” of the authors and pedaliruetsya so carefully that the film seems slow. The robbers confront the FBI in the person of Howard Lambert (played by forest Whitaker) and Sharon Price (Lily RAB), clearly partial to the black counterpart. This should throw the shadow of the romantic lines in the detailed work schedule, the Comedy no sex drive.