The bride told about the last words of the deceased from the coronavirus of the groom

a Resident of the English County of Lancashire has told about the last words of the bridegroom, who died after Contracting coronavirus. About this newspaper the Manchester Evening News.

the 29-year-old web designer Richard Macky (Richard McKeag) and his bride Kathy Martin (Katie Martin), who worked with children with disabilities, was engaged to 2017. They planned to get married next year, but in early April both got sick COVID-19. Richard endured the disease harder: he had a severe cough, and at the slightest throttle it started to choke. On 16 April he was taken to the hospital, and after another 24 hours he needed artificial ventilation.

Before connecting to the ventilator Richard the last time you talked to the bride on video. “He tried to reassure me and tell me that everything will be fine,’ she recalls. — After the conversation, he sent a message which was written: “Thank you for a wonderful life. Five days later Richard died, without regaining consciousness.

According to the latest data, April 27, revealed in the world of 3.02 million cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection. From COVID-19 died 208,1 thousand people, 889,3 thousands of people recovered. In the UK identified 152,8 thousands of cases of infection, died of 20.7 thousand.

Coronavirus infection is transmitted via small droplets that are emitted from the nose or mouth of the patient and settle on surrounding objects. The who recommends that you stay at least four feet away from infected people, regularly wash or decontaminate hands and don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes.