American actress and former fashion model Playboy magazine Brooke Burke starred in a swimsuit for advertising course online training, which are broadcast on the channel Amazon Live. The picture was posted to Instagram on Tuesday, may 12.

At frame 48-year-old model is depicted on blue and white background, sideways to the camera and bent right leg. She is wearing a swimsuit with a leopard print. In the description to the post Burke urged fans to carry out sports exercises together with it live for 12 days.

Slender body celebrities surprise fans, and they praised her in the comments. “Your body is still perfect”, “Stunning legs, you have not changed”, “Keep up the spirit! Your figure inspires each of us”, “gorgeous As always”, — wrote some of them. Just publish collected six thousand likes.

Brooke Burke gained fame after became the host of popular reality show “Travel with celebrities”. The intent of the producers, most of the time, Burke was supposed to be in front of cameras in a bikini. After the program the hostess received a series of proposals from erotic publications. So, in 2000, she appeared Nude for the website BlueNudes, and then double-starred for the publication of Playboy. Later, the model collaborated with the magazines Maxim, Stuff, FHM and Celebrity Skin.

In April, pop singer Britney Spears took home workout in skimpy clothes: she showed the exercises in a black sports top and short shorts. In the post, Spears told that he had gone to the gym for the first time in six months, and his statement amused the fans.