The most mysterious street artist in the world, Banksy, continues to surprise his fans and makes collectors of modern art fork out. This time, the focus was again on the painting “The Girl with the Ball”, which became famous all over the world for being half destroyed by the knives hidden by the artist in the lower part of the picture frame immediately after it was sold for a million pounds.

Now, what is left of the painting is put up for sale, under the new title “Love in the trash can”. The estimated cost is from 4 to 6 million pounds, as reported by TASS in the auction house Sotheby’s.

It is easy to calculate that the masterpiece, half cut into thin paper ribbons, has risen in price four times.

An art performance with the destruction of the painting took place on October 5, 2018. Then, after hitting the hammer, a secret shredder turned on, which quickly began to destroy the newly purchased lot. Fortunately, or rather it was intended that the knives stopped exactly half of the picture. The buyer decided not to cancel the deal, but after such an impressive performance, she changed the name of the picture to “Love in the trash can”. What happened then is still called a sensation in the art world. For the first time, a new art object was born right during the auction, bringing the author of the picture even more fame.

According to Alex Branczyk, senior director of the contemporary art department at Sotheby’s, the infamous, bold and culturally accessible “Love in the Trash Can” has become the highest step in Banksy’s work and a real icon of the modern history of art.

By the way

Banksy was sold at auction in March 2021. A painting on the theme of coronavirus, presented by the artist to an English hospital, went under the hammer for a record 16.76 million pounds or more than $ 23 million.