About a million students included in the education system of Moscow, managed to transfer to distance learning during a pandemic coronavirus within one week. About this mayor Sergei Sobyanin said at the international youth conference “First results of a pandemic: challenges and opportunities for the global education system”.

About the experience of the transition to distance learning also told Sergey Kravtsov, Minister of education of Russia: “it was important For us to prevent the lowering of the quality of education and ensure every student involvement in the educational process, not only basic education but also further education”.

to Objectively assess how distance learning has proved effective, will help the Unified state exam, which is being held in Russia. “Time remains very little, I hope that the figures will be good,” added Sergei Sobyanin.

In a video conference was also attended by foreign experts. In particular, the Director of the Department for education and skills, Organization for economic cooperation and development Andreas shlyayher and Deputy Minister of education in Spain Alejandro Tiana.

a major role in the transition of Moscow schools in remote mode played traditional advantages of Russian educational system — the authority of the classroom teacher, as well as active interaction with parents. The difficulties of the new process, according to Sergei Sobyanin, they reacted with great understanding and helped their children to immerse themselves in the educational process.

Thus, for the transition to distance learning for schools in the capital had nothing to buy and upgrade. The use of digital educational technology, in fact, has become the norm even before the pandemic.

One of the key in this work is “Moscow e-school” that emerged in 2016. On the eve of the pandemic in the project was two and a half million users including teachers, pupils and parents. During the high alert mode the number of accesses to the platform “MES” has grown two and a half times and amounted to four and a half million a day.

“in Addition to “Moscow e-school”, from the point of view of educational content, in Moscow there is and was a fairly advanced system related to electronic journal and diary. And the connection of educational content, electronic diary, electronic journal created a management system for the entire education and educational processes, which is extremely important, ensured constant contact between teacher, students and parent,” — said the Mayor.

the Number of lessons in the capital students after the transition to distance learning is almost not decreased. Teachers spent nearly 10 million online lessons, which were attended by the absolute majority of students.

the Mayor also noted that in the future it is necessary to actively integrate various educational services, including private and not just city and Federal.

However, according to the Mayor of Moscow, despite the need for technology development, school education it is difficult to imagine without direct communication between teacher and students.

Sergey Kravtsov said that September 1 will be to diagnose the students ‘ knowledge of the results of distance learning: “We are not going to grade, we’ll just see the level of knowledge. And if there are certain gaps in knowledge related to the organization of distance learning, we have prepared a special assistance programme and pupils and the teachers.”

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