Conditional spill of 600 tonnes of hydrochloric acid and chlorine at a chemical plant in Volgograd became a legend of the special tactical exercises, the press service of the southern military district.

At the first stage experts have provided the localization and neutralization of vapor phase chemical agents, putting water shutters six water dispensing systems ARS-14KM.

For the chemical reconnaissance involved five cars MK RHBR. Analysis is taken place on the soil samples complied with researchers in the laboratory.

To distinguish “clean” and “dirty” zones in the area of the hearth of the accident unfolded item special handling. A heat engine TMS-65 provided a gas curtain. Degassing of shunting locomotives and tanks with chlorine was conducted using standardized thermal machine UTM-80.

At the end of the division of radiation, chemical and biological defense found a source of ionizing radiation, put it in a special container and taken away.

the exercise was attended by more than 400 military personnel, law enforcement officers and civilian personnel of the plant. Used more than 160 units of special equipment.