In Russia created an unmanned helicopter R-2200, which can carry loads of up to 80 kilograms over distances up to 200 kilometers in the far North, according to “Izvestia”.

Thanks to the automatic control system for helicopter-weight alone is the entire route from takeoff to landing. He is able to sit even on a moving load or moving deck of the ship can withstand wind up to 18 meters per second, rain and snow with de-icing. The control is located on the ground inside a specially equipped van.

This is the first domestic machine. Previous models of drones could lift no more than 35 pounds. With this much necessary for oil production and geological exploration equipment weighs a lot more. The development can be used for reconnaissance, mapping of mineral deposits. For example, highly sensitive geophysical scanners weigh 40-50 kilograms.

The length of the new drone — four meters, width — almost half. His rent will cost 20 thousand rubles per hour, and an hour helicopter flight — from 70 to 150 thousand.

At the moment, made a prototype that has passed flight tests. At the end of 2020 will be built a prototype. In 2021 he will be a certification flight tests. To sell helicopters is expected to start in 2022.