The celebration of the 80th anniversary of Joseph Brodsky will be held in online format. Watch concerts, marathons, documentaries, as well as trips can be, as the poet wrote, almost “not leaving room”. In the evening Russian musicians will remotely perform their compositions on the poems of Nobel prize winner, and the actors to the accompaniment of read favorite lines Brodsky. What else has prepared for the anniversary of the poet? About it Sergey Gusev and Olga Sergienko.Song on the poem “I always said that the fate of the game” was included in one of the albums of Ivan Alekseyev, known as Noize MC. The artist himself will take part in the online-marathon “do Not leave this room” which will take place in the evening. Concerts in the Network remain the only available format to mark the 80th anniversary of Joseph Brodsky. To perform the songs on his poems or to recite favorite lines, among others, was joined by Andrei Makarevich and Alexander Vasilyev with “spleen”. Celebrate the anniversary of the poet and “Night snipers”. By the way, rock band will join the concert from his own Studio, shared in an interview with “Kommersant FM” the leader “Night Snipers”, the singer Diana Arbenina. The singer for the online marathon picked out a couple of Brodsky’s poems from the cycle “Part of speech”: “Extremely rare address to the works of other poets. As for Joseph Alexandrovich, I have two songs written to his poems: “I always said that the fate of the game” and “don’t leave the room.” Something, probably in them is very catchy, so much that I don’t write specifically music, I just pick up and read a poem using the guitar.Brodsky from the beginning was very organized my poetic thinking, made me very dry and very emotional. Brodsky is so steep that the brand needs no promotion. The poet, who absolutely changed our literary gene”.The online concert will be joined by musician Basta. Vasily Vakulenko noted in conversation with “Kommersant FM” that Joseph Brodsky is now becoming only more popular, partly thanks to modern performers. The artist for the evening concert took in the development of the poem 50 years:”Poem “Each in front of God naked. Naked, wretched and miserable” — this poem is my favorite. In my opinion, the poet-reformer, the man who transformed thanks to the work of the word the world in such a deep large space. Three people who have turned, so to speak, the game: Pushkin, Mayakovsky, and Brodsky. Brodsky because of his talent are always popular. He would be happy what is happening with his poetry. It is very popular, becoming part of pop culture is cool.”Part of the activities in the framework of the marathon “don’t leave your room” will be held in a communal apartment of Muruzi house, where the poet JIl to 1972 with his parents. Directly from the Museum, which is now undergoing renovations, the online tour will be a curated art space and a friend of Joseph Brodsky Chronicles of journeys He noted that the jubilee evening will show excerpts from the documentary “the Part of speech in 2020.” The film starred, in particular, Anna Brodsky and Mikhail Baryshnikov, who read favorite lines from the poet’s works:”Most parts of this concert are already pre-charged, so, really, the concert will be carried out in one and a half rooms. Assume there are two musical numbers that present the band will play in honor of our hero. This online I’m talking about how it was under Joseph Alexandrovich, where the pieces were. Of course, we cannot fail to address some real issues — what will happen now that the restoration, which now there is,” said Michael year-old boy.Another concert in honor of the 80th anniversary of the Nobel prize, “Brodsky.Poems”, also moved into the digital space. Actors of theatre “Praktika” of the Gogol center, the Yermolova theatre and the theatre “School of dramatic art” will read the lyrics of the poet to music. There will also be another film — a documentary film “Walking with Brodsky” will show on the YouTube channel of the cinema “pioneer”. The 80th anniversary of Joseph Brodsky may 24, is celebrated in the United States. In particular, the shop of Russian books “the globe” in San Francisco is conducting an online reading, joined by Yuz Aleshkovsky, Evgeny Vodolazkin, Lyudmila Ulitskaya. There will show a video sketch filmed at the 50th anniversary of Brodsky. At the time of the stream will be held at 19:00.