to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, were here taken some tough measures. Output restrictions, no-Contact orders and the cancellation of events should help to keep the infected rate is as low as possible. As a result, a massive rush of Corona is to prevent patients to German clinics and hospitals and all Concerned, appropriate medical care possible.

Nina Magdalena Böhmer is 28 years old and as a nurse in Berlin. Exactly how numerous of your colleagues, you working in these days to the limit of their own capacity. That currently, people on balconies on a date, and for the use of the health staff in the Corona-crisis, applaud, she finds a “nice gesture”, as she writes in the “daily mirror”. On Facebook she expressed her opinion shortly before, less diplomatically: “Your applause can put you somewhere else”, write it there. In the article of the “daily mirror” describes Böhmer now, however, why you are frustrated with the current Situation.

“health-care crisis has been known for years, is going on?”

“Starting next week, I’d actually leave, but I volunteered to continue to work,” writes the 28-Year-old. The reason for this is to prepare for an onslaught of patients. Even if currently, all possible measures would be taken to keep the Corona discharge Rate is low. The recommendation by the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) issued last week, makes Böhmer angry.

Because of the quarantine rules for medical personnel are to be relaxed: “Medical personnel must in future after close unprotected contact to COVID-19-no more Sick for so long in quarantine, and may work in case of urgent needs in the clinic or practice, as long as no symptoms occur,” said RKI President Lothar Wieler at a press conference. For Böhmer is clear: So you could infect a lot of people.

The minimum distance of two meters, as he was required to go in supermarkets or while Walking, abide by, be for the 28-Year-old as a nurse is hardly possible. “How to hold a Meter and a half distance, if I take a Person to wash, or your blood? I think that’s negligence,” she writes. They also criticized the staffing situation in the health sector. “The nursing shortage is well known for many years. There were reports that talk-show discussions, is nothing happens,” complained in the “daily mirror”.

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Böhmer to Corona hypocrisy there: “Actually,

should cancel now all the nurses” Part should take care of Böhmer with a nursing student to 40 patients in the care of the elderly, it is even worse. So much to stay on the track. “It would be great, I would have only ten or even five patients, for which I would be responsible. Then I had fun at work,” explains the 28-Year-old. With views of the Corona-crisis, they criticized the lack of protective equipment, the shear in the Berlin hospital, where you work, predominantly.

you have often hygienically need a Mouth guard or a lab coat for multiple patient use – “for any page, especially,” as the 28-Year-old reported. Thus, the care, as a profession more attractive, it is necessary to pay better, says Böhmer. This has not happened in the past few years, however, and even now the wages spent in the system of the relevant Professions such as nursing, 15 to 20 percent below other Jobs.

“should Actually terminate right now, all of the nurses to their Job,” says Böhmer. In order to support the medical staff in the Corona-crisis, to help Clap a little. You had to choose petitions to sign and the parties who want to promote the care. Because applause was “quite nice”, and move but little.

Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease