Financial analyst, trader Artem Zvezdin called a profitable alternative to the dollar in an interview with the agency “Prime”.

The expert suggested considering the cryptocurrency market. However, this asset is not so easy to acquire and withdraw in rubles with large capitals, the analyst noted.

Zvezdin stressed that cryptocurrencies are more of a speculative tool and can not be considered as a way to accumulate and store large amounts of capital. “The exchange rate difference of cryptocurrencies sometimes amazes even experienced stock traders. Your savings can devalue by 20-30 percent in a week, or they can grow by the same amount, ” he explained.

According to the expert, if you want to increase your savings, you will have to use risky tools.

Earlier it was reported that the Central Bank of Russia gave citizens advice on how to properly store money. The regulator advised using a bank account or federal loan bonds for this purpose. Speaking about investing, the regulator stressed that this can not be a way of saving money: a person always accepts the risk of losing the invested money if the market situation is unfavorable.