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Possible outbreak of coronavirus infection in the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates threatens to become a humanitarian catastrophe. And the presence there of overcrowded prisons for militants has further complicated the situation. Realizing the danger, the US sent the Syrian opposition unusual "humanitarian aid"
Pandemic coronavirus has not left indifferent any country of the world. "RG" learned how to live it and how to deal with it France, Italy, Greece, UK, Germany and Israel
Worldwide, the rapidly growing number of those infected with the coronavirus, only for the last days of world statistics added 13 860 new cases. However, the world still left, untouched by the pandemic. Details - in the material "RG"
Dutch authorities have concealed from the public the fact that their military massively killed civilians while bombing terrorist positions in Iraq in 2015. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova
More and more countries introduced large-scale restrictions on movement of citizens trying to stop the spread of coronavirus. What documents are needed in different States to exit to the street, read in the material "RG"
More than 13.4 thousand Russians taken March 27 from foreign countries in connection with the coronavirus, it took 106 Charter flights, said the Federal air transport Agency. On 28 Mar 92 scheduled Charter flight
The route of the first joint Russian-Turkish patrol in Idlib reduced because of the provocation of gangs. To do this, the terrorists tried to use as "human shields" of civilians, including women and children, said the Ministry of defense
The soldiers of Russia and Turkey began joint patrols in the Syrian Idlib on the basis of the document signed by the military experts of the two countries after talks in Ankara. The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation noted that the meeting passed in a constructive key
Exacerbated the immigration crisis in the Greek-Turkish border showed that the time for Europe to change old values, otherwise the Turkey will continue to blackmail the EU. Amid the outbreak of the coronavirus we are talking about the survival of the Old world, says columnist "RG"
The United States reinforce the air defence system in Iraq after the shelling of the base in Taji. The Pentagon said that fear not only ballistic missiles, but also attacks Iranian drones
Stage of the championship "Formula 1" in Bahrain this season will be held without spectators due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Earlier in the history "Royal races" competition has never been conducted in the absence of fans
Tomorrow's talks between Russian and Turkish leaders Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be devoted to the situation in Idlib. Expectations - to reach a common understanding of the causes of this crisis, the evils of its consequences and the set of joint measures to prevent it, explained in the Kremlin
Greece strengthens your own boundaries, and not waiting for effective assistance from the EU during the sharp escalation of the migration crisis. Rushing into the EU from public transmission Turkish immigrants now greeted with warning shots, tear gas and handcuffs
Attempts to inflate the military threat from Iran, accompanied by a favorite foreign policy taking the US complaints about Russia and China. The Russian foreign Ministry believe that the issue of extending the arms embargo against Iran in the UN security Council should not
The peace agreement signed in Doha between the U.S. and Afghanistan in the presence of representatives from more than 30 countries for some time became the news number one, overshadowing even the coronavirus. However, will the new document the world of Afghanistan, it is unclear
As soon as possible to resolve the situation with employees of the news Agency Sputnik in Ankara and to ensure their safety. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, his Turkish counterpart during a telephone conversation
USA and banned in Russia, the Taliban signed a peace agreement. This will allow American troops to return home after the the longest war in United States history
The Turkish President called the Russian leader. Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan continued a detailed exchange of views on the situation in Syria, stressing the need for additional measures to stabilize the situation
The Turkish military came under fire by Syrian government forces in Idlib, were among the terrorist groups, said the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. Thus, according to the Turkish side of the Turkish army in the area was not to be
Came under fire by the Turkish military were in combat formations of terrorist groups. According to the coordinates of the Turkey, no Turkish armed forces in the area was not and is not supposed to be, told in the defense Ministry
About 81 thousand people in the world were infected with coronavirus new. This was announced by Director of the European regional office of the world health organization Hans Kluge. He added that effective treatments are not yet developed
Tourists have the right to take trips to Italy, South Korea and Iran. The spread of the coronavirus, which killed nearly 3 thousand people is sufficient grounds for cancellation with a full refund of the cost of the permit, reminiscent of the CPS

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