In the U.S. surged the sales of devices with tear gas. They are, as pointed out by Bloomberg, similar to those used by the police, but is intended to guard the homes. Products Byrna Technologies resembles a gun inside is a capsule with a mixture of tear gas and pepper spray which bursts upon impact.

According to the manufacturer, one capsule can to “bring the goal down on the half hour”, causing both the blindness and respiratory disorders. Sales growth in the company explain the fear of the Americans in the background of the pandemic coronavirus and in the Wake of protests after the death in Minneapolis of a black security guard George Floyd.

After Fox News presenter Sean Hannity in his program said that he has several types of signature weapons, Byrna per day received orders for 2.5 million dollars. A total of Byrna shares this year jumped by 500 percent, and for a few weeks that have passed since the death of Floyd, the company’s value has tripled.

the launcher Itself costs about $ 325. 95 a box of “bullets” will cost another $ 300 surcharge on the gun can be installed laser sight and buy a special holster. The units, available in several colors: from bright pink to sand. To buy such a gun requires neither verification nor authorization.

Floyd died after rough arrest by the police. After that, for US, a wave of protests: demonstrations against police brutality held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, new York, Indianapolis, Boston and other cities.