At 11 a.m., when the Meshchansky court began reading the verdict in the so-called case “the Seventh Studio”, whole groups of young people, actors, Directors, occupied all the space around. They stood, sat, and then lay exhausted in the sun for six hours, until the pronouncement of the judgment.

They have exceeded the target Parking lot, bought up all the available food there. But the toilet its staff prudently closed, protect yourself with a sign: “Closed for technical reasons”. Periodically there was applause as soon as the Internet appeared the information from those who were in the courthouse. Many have read the social media posts actress Yulia Aug, who worked as a news Agency. The mood was unimportant, although there was hope. The emotional actress was sending rays into the sky, in the hope that all will be well. And, came not only the young but also the older generation. And stood on their feet without food and water for half a day. By the beginning of the court came to the masters Andrey Smirnov and Harry Bardin. Roma Beast, starring Kirill Serebrennikov in “Summer”, waited for the verdict and was very upset for a long, long time universal standing.

Someone came for PR, as did an unknown lady, all of whose body was riddled with letters. On her back, one word was written: “SEKIRYU”. Filmmakers came and went, sometimes on the subject and on other business, and then returned. Filmmaker Paul he came closer to the final after finishing work on a new movie.

When it became clear that term will be suspended, the people shouted and rejoiced, cried and hugged. And then rushed to the other exit, from which came Sophia Apfelbaum accompanied by Director Alexei Borodin, who was sitting next to her all the time, while there was a trial. And he was under 80. Absolutely no one noticed the appearance of another person involved in the case of Yuri itina. All the cameras clock exhibited at the main entrance, waiting for Kirill Serebrennikov. And suddenly there was a change of consciousness. He came out the other side. What happened! As we have just survived? To the black car that waited by Kirill Serebrennikov, operators, and photographers with all the equipment pulled so that was the risk to die under their feet. To step aside was impossible. All exits and aisles in advance was blocked by metal barriers. One can only marvel at the composure of the police watching the crowd and not taken anything to protect people. But all day, all six hours of the court, we heard the rumble of warnings: “Citizens, keep the social distance” (and it said approaching us closer, the police officer that pulled the mask to the chin), “Citizens, do not disturb others��GIM citizens do not obstruct passage on the sidewalk”. Everything that happened was like a theater of the absurd.

a Group of young ladies in the morning came together in white t-shirts with the image of Vysotsky and inscriptions: “a Thief should sit in jail”, “Obnal=Stolen”. Good that their faces were covered by masks. Why they came, probably, do not understand. But quickly after her, disappeared. They tried to ask questions, but heard no answer. Knowledgeable people indicated that they were accompanied by the FSB. And on the other side of the street appeared many well-known activist, resident at the place where he was killed Boris Nemtsov. He was holding the shield with abusive words to the FSB. People read every detail. For example, many have noticed that one of the defendants in the case, Alex Malopolski came to the court with a backpack, and Sophia Apfelbaum light. This was based of the assumption, who should sit and who is not.

Under incessant calls of the guards to keep his distance was able to talk with those who came to the building of the Meshchansky court to support their colleagues.

Actress Love Tolkalina

What is your connection with Cyril Serebrennikov?

I’m not so much seen his stage work, but really love his movies and proud films “St George’s day”, “Student”, “playing the victim” filmed on my homeland. I love the painting “Summer” and was shocked to learn that the work on it was when Kirill Serebrennikov was under house arrest, and was completed without his personal presence. Brilliant movie! I would recommend to watch. I just love the film by Kirill Serebrennikov. I came here because I received a night letter from his friends, who believed that the only thing we can do is come in here, wanting a speedy resolution of the situation. What will it be, we don’t know. Now we just have to pray that it was for all of us as positive.

last night the filmmakers in the social networks discussed various versions of what’s happening, why it became possible? Called the names of the customers of this business.

I do not think that you need to think about the fact that there are some versions. It seems to me that it is better not to invent. Now’s the moment when you just relax and think about Cyril with love. That’s all you need to do. Cyril realizes that we support him. At this stage, the support we all need.

Actress Alisa Hazanova

Why are you here? What can we do standing in front of the court?

came the point of no return. We had just come from hope in human outcome. Is this logical? I don’t know. But since I was in Moscow at this moment, I couldn’t stay home. It seems to me that everything that happens is terrible unfairawn. And I’m injustice is not perceived. Everything in this business including sewn with white thread! We do all this hellish process was observed for three years. It remained only to come out and support as much.

– there is No feeling that we were in some scenery?

– it seems to Me that moving all events to some personal reasons. But who cares what I think. In our country such things happen only when someone is very necessary. Ordering some. Personal. It makes no sense to discuss this topic. You have to believe that all will be well. To speculate on the cause-effect relationships will not.

Elena Demidova, Director of documentary film

I came here to show at least that we have that we are many. And let my unity be in this crowd. Though I can’t say that the crowd is very large. I don’t know how our arrival would affect the outcome of the case, but if we don’t support each other, this will affect negatively. Better in such cases to come.

– Someone from young documentary filmmakers, pupils of Marina Razbezhkina with camera in hand watching what is happening?

– a must! Somewhere here among us they take. And business “Networking” accurately removed. I filmed one of the episodes, but not specifically about Kirill Serebrennikov. And now there are just as Lena Demidova.

– How do you evaluate what you did Kirill Serebrennikov?

– I think he and his team have done a cool story, and we really saw how it was. I attended one of the events of the “Platform”. And the fact that we are now seeing is absolutely far-fetched case.

Rinal Mukhametov, actor, student Kirill Serebrennikov

– the Whole story, as we have seen, it is very bad not only for theatre, but also the country as a whole. It remains to hope that someday, life will put everything in its place, and those who are mistaken, it becomes obvious they were wrong. The more people understand what is happening with us, the sooner will end the existence of power in this role.

Alexey Mizgirev, film Director

Cyril wasn’t a political figure, did not stand in the pickets, did not do loud statements. All that happens here is due to his creative activity. But it is difficult to separate from economic. Although the Director and has no direct relation to it. But you listen to the sound of the sentence. Constantly we hear pieces of silver instructed, Serebrennikov organized group. The Prosecutor asked for it the longest. Probably, everything will be fine, and years later, the truth would come out. It’s not to hide. We find out who instructed. This is a particular mechanism that applies to many people here. Call it theatrical, but it is not limited to the scene, and is relevant for the whole country. Three years continues the process. The theatre is not so expensive as a movie. Because of this, it promptly responds to reality. And here is the result – Cyril can put in the work to which he is irrelevant. Even the Soviet government did not allow this.

Pavel Kaplevich, theatre artist

Cyril could leave the country, but he did not, for that I blame him. And all because he is a romantic and always believed in supporting the Treaty, because it did not consider themselves and their colleagues guilty. He loves the Motherland. Here and left. I think about what will happen next. He made many movies and still take off. This locomotive does not stop. He will not be able in state institutions to fulfill administrative duties but will be able to put on plays. We’ll work together.