Thanks Putin for 200 a new scandal in Italy

A new scandal erupted in the Italian press about the Russian humanitarian aid in the spread of the coronavirus.

Newspaper La Repubblica reported that the Italians come messages from friends of Russians living on the Peninsula, with a proposal for €200 to appear in the video and to thank Russia and its leader for helping in the fight against coronavirus. The proposals come in WhatsApp and supposedly they come from some “Russian media.”

They need 15 of Italians who will say something nice about the Russian humanitarian aid… Better video, or texts with photos but for video they are paying 200 euros, and for smaller text, — quotes the edition of one of the compatriots who have received the message.

La Repubblica said that to work out the fee that the Italians can, posting their gratitude on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

In the Russian Embassy in Rome, to which the comment addressed to the newspaper, said that he did not know about the wave messages and called the situation “fraudulent provocation.”

Russia does not need fake gratitude. Every day we receive hundreds of calls, emails and comments with words of sincere gratitude from ordinary citizens, heads of cities and regions, politicians, businessmen, — noted in the Embassy.

Earlier reported that the first scandal erupted after the publication of the newspaper La Stampa. It was claimed that 80% of goods sent from Russia to the Peninsula to combat the coronavirus, was “of little use or entirely useless”. It was noted that the leader of the Russian Federation, helping the Italian side, pursues diplomatic and political interests, and the Prime Minister of the Republic agreed to accept help to strengthen personal relations with Moscow.