In Moscow more than five thousand employers are interested to participate in the project for the testing of employees for antibodies to COVID-19. The employer assumes the costs of organizing blood sampling, and the examination is free at the expense of the city budget. Reported by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development.

To pass the test, workers do not have to visit the clinic. The medical team can arrive on the territory of the organization to produce a fence of blood at the scene.

For this investigation the employer must choose one of the medical organizations on the website of the Moscow Department of health. Specified there a telephone you can learn more about the contract, and then send the relevant documents. The employer is entitled to choose a convenient venue for blood sampling from a vein: on the territory of the company or in the clinic. Also with the staff of the clinic can discuss the date and time.

When you select a test in the clinic the staff should arrive at the appointed time with your passport and medical insurance. Clinic staff at the entrance will measure the temperature, will be given masks and Shoe covers and send the paperwork. In the case of testing employees in the organization at the appointed time to arrive at the place the medical team. After filling out the necessary documents health workers will take blood from a vein.

the results of the study for antibodies to the coronavirus will be available in the electronic medical records of employees for three days. Each organization will be allocated a responsible staff member who will also receive access to the results, if it be obtained the consent of the employees.

Tools for employers to test employees for antibodies to COVID-19 earned in Moscow on June 11.

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