this is with reference to its sources, reported at the same time Reuters and the Wall Street Journal. According to them, training test will be held in the skies over Washington and will take roughly three days. The American newspaper also notes that, if test flights are successful, Boeing 737 Max will be subjected to additional audits by the national regulator. And this is a few months. The company adhere to the optimistic scenario, and I hope to return the already produced planes of this brand in operation as early as this December.

By that time it will be two years since the crash of the Boeing 737 Max, the Indonesian company Lion Air when the victims were 189 people. Six months later, in March of 2019, close to the town of weldiya in Africa, crashed a similar plane of Ethiopian Airlines. All aboard the 157 people were killed.

Immediately after the flights of the Boeing 737 Max was suspended in the United States and approximately 20 countries. The results of the investigation of causes and circumstances of the two great disasters of a group of international experts JATR (Joint Authorities Technical Review), as noted above, has identified significant shortcomings in the certification of aircraft made by Boeing and the Federal aviation administration (FAA).

Among other things we were talking about what important system information correction manoeuvre (MCAS) was submitted to the regulator not in full, and the regulator, on the contrary, “gave excessive powers in the certification process”.

in the autumn of last year, Boeing worked to correct these problems along the way, he updated the program of pilot training. And now the head of the FAA Stephen Dixon is going to personally fly this model Boeing test checks “to ensure her safety.”