As explained in the RVIO, photos of soldiers who fought in the Rzhev-Vyazma direction, will be included in the design of the Museum and memorial complex to Soviet soldiers, which is being built at the request of veterans of the great Patriotic war the fierce fighting 1942-1943 years.

– it is Important that the names of the victims were not just taken from some base, and below them were the specific stories of people. Because it is impossible to tell children the story of the war, just “showing arrows on the map” – said the head of the scientific Department of the Russian military-historical society Yuri Nikiforov. – We invite our fellow citizens to participate in the creation of the Museum of the memorial complex of Rzhev content multimedia content. We are grateful for materials from the family archives.

According to Yuri Nikiforov, Rzhevskiy memorial should be considered as an object that unites the post-Soviet space.

– Because if you now look at the lists of dead and who was drafted, we see that the soldiers from all over the Soviet Union fought in this area. And a representative of any Republic can be proud of and to remember their countrymen, their families. Those who will of fate was included in the composition of the units that fought near Rzhev, – said the representative of the RVIA.

the Project Rzhev memorial implements of the Russian military-historical society with the support of the Union state of Russia and Belarus, of the Ministry of culture of Russia, government of Tver region and the Museum of Victory – at the initiative of veterans of the great Patriotic war and without the involvement of Federal funds, public donations: on April 27 for its creation, citizens and organizations listed are already more than 510 million rubles. The fundraiser is organized on the website The creation of the memorial is included in a government plan of major measures on preparation and celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

25-meter high bronze figure of a soldier, which is like shooting up into the sky, the cranes, already stands on a high artificial mound at the turn to the village of Khoroshevo highway M-9 “Baltic”.

Andrey Korobtsov, the author of the monument-sculptor:

– work on the monument Rzhevsky memorial completed. I really hope that he will enjoy. Now you feel a slight devastation to two and a half years he lived with this project. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the creation of the monument.

help “RG”

the RVIA said that to send photos of the participants of the Rzhev battle at podogrevom.Of the Russian Federation. Simply fill out a short questionnaire to provide information about the combat path of the loved one and to make his portrait photography. Pictures are accepted until the Ninth of may 2020. Materials will be presented in exit��dinom the design of the Museum pavilion, which is now being built at the foot of the sculpture of a Soviet soldier. The pavilion will have the status of branch of the Museum of Victory, his visit will each.