A gunman killed 15 people, including 14 children, at an elementary school in Texas. The perpetrator was then probably shot dead by the police.

A gun attack at a Texas elementary school has killed 14 children and a teacher. The attacker was also dead, said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday. The gunman would have previously parked his car and entered the school armed with a handgun and possibly a rifle. Then he would have opened fire. He was probably shot by police officers.

The suspect is said to be 18-year-old Salvador Ramos. He was from the area and had attended Uvalde High School. According to Governor Abbott, the man also killed his grandmother before his killing spree.

The attack happened at Robb Elementary School in the small town of Uvalde, 135 kilometers west of San Antonio. Around 600 students attend the facility, which is located in a residential area with rather simple houses. Previously, the district had closed all schools in the area because of gunshot noise.

According to Uvalde Memorial Hospital, 15 students were being treated in the emergency room. University medicine in San Antonio also stated that it was treating two people injured in the rampage – a child and a 66-year-old woman – as inpatients. The condition of the woman is critical. Two police officers were also injured in the operation.

The Texas governor meanwhile addressed those affected with emotional words. “When parents drop their children off at school, they have the expectation that they will be able to pick up their children when the school day ends. And now there are families that are grieving,” Abbott said. “The state of Texas is grieving with them since these parents will no longer be able to pick up their children.”

US President Joe Biden was also informed of the attack. This was stated by White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre. “He is praying for the families who are affected by this terrible event.” The President therefore wanted to comment on Tuesday evening (local time) after his return from his trip to Asia in Washington.

Fatal gun attacks are a regular occurrence in the United States. Schools are also often affected.