The premiere of the film

the picture are the largest Russian producers – the company “Hydrogen”, “Art Pictures Studio”, Hype Film, as well as “NMG Studio” and STS, in conjunction with Sony Pictures. They made the decision to release the film in a new digital format. “Earlier theatrical release of “Sputnik” was scheduled for April, but due to the introduction of quarantine measures to combat the spread of coronavirus infection and the recommendation of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation to the cinemas to halt screenings from March 23, creators and producers of the film decided not to carry out “Companion” in theaters indefinitely and to release it in an online format,” – said in a release.

the duration of the film, the Soviet Union, 1983. Returns to the ground of the Soviet spacecraft, the country celebrates a new triumph of Soviet cosmonautics. But people hide that from two cosmonauts returned alive, only one. What happened on Board remains uncertain, survivors are placed in a secret laboratory to clarify the details. The facts indicate that the astronaut was confronted in flight with a new form of life and returned to earth… not one of the Intelligence services asking for help neurophysiologist Tatiana Klimova, where you have to solve the mystery of what happened on the ship and save the hero, who became her care.

Direct speech

“For all participants of the film industry now is not the easiest time, but most importantly – our audience for which we’re shooting a movie. Sputnik is one of the most interesting and spectacular projects of our companies, therefore, with colleagues and partners, we decided to go the unconventional way – not to transfer theatrical release, and make the Prime Minister is now in the online cinemas to be able to see the audience across the country,” says Fyodor Bondarchuk is one of the producers of the picture, and also one of the main roles.

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS Timur Bekmambetov starts a project on quarantine

“of Course, we cannot ignore current world events, we don’t want to risk the health of our spectators. And yet we are absolutely convinced that a good story remains the same regardless of which screen it is seen by the audience. And in these difficult times, as today, more than ever, we need good stories to distract from troubles and worries. “Sputnik” is such a movie, and we decided not to postpone it until better times, as we are sure viewers will enjoy watching,” emphasizes co-producer Vyacheslav Murugov.

“Sputnik” was originally conceived as a spectacular attraction, designed for the widest audience and the theatrical release. We believe that in current conditions thanks to the online release, the film will be appreciated by the greatest number of viewers. Today more than ever important flexibility, speed and unconventional solutions. We are pleased that the increasing maturity of the online market, and also our partners ‘readiness to take bold decisions allowed us to find the right business model and make this decision in the interests of the audience”, – the General Director NMG Olga Paskanoi.