The hospital was placed under quarantine, with 120 patients and 45 physicians

the medical Staff have to adapt to the isolation. And continues to work. Correspondent “RG” personally, this was convinced.

Marat Khusnullin: Regions, converted the existing hospital to combat coronavirus

And that’s the story. The man who came back March 31 with community-acquired pneumonia, a positive preliminary test for the coronavirus. The patient was transported to the hospital. And medical unit, in accordance with the order of Rospotrebnadzora, recommended that “additional control measures”, the meaning of which – in isolation of contact patients and caregivers.

several of the hospital staff went into it after the start of isolation mode. This nurse dialysis Department, which understands that without it “girls just don’t cope” and head of the Department of traumatology, which should do some operations.

“It was quite a deliberate step, – said the chief doctor of the medical Unit of IAPO Eugene Vyhovsky. – People made that decision voluntarily, aware that will be able to leave only after 14 days.”

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG Mishustin instructed to approve the schedule of supplies masks medical institutions

Medical workers in conditions of isolation work around the clock. For them three meals a day, places to stay. The physician keeps in touch with his colleagues through senior administrators. On morning planning meetings are discussed not only as patients but also domestic issues.

“Work! – smiles from behind the closed window, Oksana Serebrennikova, head nurse. – The normal conditions, two weeks will last”.

the Mood is passed doctors and patients – no one makes a fuss and does not require immediate release (although several people had to write the day before the announcement of the isolation mode), the atmosphere inside is peaceful and comfortable: through the glass visible to the ordinary hospital life – someone sleeps, someone reads, someone goes to the procedure.

“do your duty in all conditions – the main rule of doctors – said Eugene vygovskyy. – We understand the complexity of the situation. Now the main thing – to prevent the spread of infection outside the hospital to prevent nosocomial infection. All needs to be done, and I hope that after 14 days we will be back in operation”.

In the Murmansk region three hospital doctors suspected coronavirus

the Chief physician added that those employees who could not log in to the private hospital, he went to work in the clinic and other hospitals.

as for gear, they – and physicians and patients are now “contactless”: before the receiving office is the truck, where relatives and friends fold clothes and food, Packed in sealed bags and stick notes. When the truck is filled from the receiver leaves the nurse and pulls her inside.

the Hospital operates!

Maternity hospital of Madinati IAPA also works in isolation mode. It is connected with the hospital transition, so it had to be closed.

At the time of issuance regulations of the CPS, there were 51 women and 42 baby.

on the day when the place was visited by our correspondent, came to light five kids. And in the morning she was born another girl.

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