Basta and the Tree together took a swing at

the Track it came out light and funny, with fashionable positive “kachem” was born, according to Tree, right on the couch. “I love it when it’s easy, as a joke, playfully. – Wrote the artist in social networks. – I have never managed to seriously sit down with the whole team and heavy to consider the strategy of creating a hit, which is exactly thunder to the whole world (laughing emoticons). But I was perfectly sincere, almost accidental history of friendship and sympathy.”

In improvisation clip, filmed, of course, the homes under quarantine, the performers suggest everyone to spend at least a few minutes a day “laid up” and call: “Smile! Do exercises for the cheekbones and swing beneath this old school!” In the comic movie starring and children Vasya Vakulenko (Basta name in the world), provocatively dancing to daddy’s bits. A “MK” hastened to contact with the Tree, to ask her about spontaneous collaborations and how to maintain good spirits in isolation.

– Lisa, and the track turned out, though slight, ridiculous, but epic – almost 5 minutes! Long you did it?

– it All started with the fact that less than a week ago I accidentally broke in to the Bob live. Now everything out in live broadcasts and I am no exception – she thus invigorates, invigorate your audience pass the time. I saw that he was online, I said hi, he, too, saw me, we connectilis right in the air and started to tell each other who does what.

He spends all the time in the Studio, and I suffer, because I have a Studio at home, and, unfortunately, no skill of playing musical instruments. I told him how tormented their musicians to remotely I was writing something, and I could sing. Bob offered his assistance, said that can throw me cons.

I said, “Listen, you’re the rappers with the cons work, and I minus even need to sing, I write songs.” To which he replied: “what? What seemed like a you problem, not a problem. And why am I?!” In General, we have to laugh and Dogovirilis to continue this story. I then asked if he was joking. Bob said, “No, give me three days,” and three days later sent a demo tape. I have two phones: one I listened to it with headphones, and the second recorded voice on tape. The same day I shot and a video without getting off the sofa. That is, from the idea to the implementation – the video, the song really was born on the couch (laughs).

– How are you using this time? Find in it some new possibilities for yourself?

You know, can be very powerful to be disappointed. All rushed to buy a million courses on the acquisition of new super-mega-skills, but if we did not have enough strength and desire to start a new life in your normal chart, in the current circumstances, amid the General apathy, in light of the fact that the body adapts to the new conditions and do not always understand what is happening, we can just take some high. Therefore, themselves should be treated carefully, with respect, to pay attention to their base state, and in order not to fall into despair.

In General, no, I personally ran to be enriched by something I’ve never done in my life. I remain calm, monitor your mood, do what gives me pleasure. That’s what’s important.

what’s happening now and will happen with your two projects. What are the plans there for the foreseeable future at the Tree and ЯAVИ?

– All Studio work while slowed down slightly, but with regard to the arrangements, the process is going slowly and one by one, and for another project. Tasche now we mount the clip on “the Room” is a song by the band 25/17 in my performance. Speaking of time, in creative work, they can’t be marked even conditionally, and in some moments I include perfectionism, so I cannot give a definitive date. Of course, I would like to release it as soon as possible.

– With “Room”, where the text is actual lines from the famous poem Brodsky “don’t get from the room, make no mistake”, you did a very interesting experiment. What was his idea?

– Like everything else in my life – random, unplanned and so very soulful. I never think like that, well it would be nice and helpful for our audience to do this unexpected work. I do not close.

once again (it’s been a while) I called the guys from 25/17, said that they record the album and in one song in the chorus very clearly hear my voice. When we were strangers, although heard a thousand times about each other. And they have this respect and awe relate to all the musical material, and they are aware of all of my musical experiments – not very popular, not too massive that I was really pleasantly touched and tickled my creative ego. Then we recorded with them the song “lover” for their album.

the next time they asked me to participate in the project, where they gathered in the summary of cover versions of their songs performed by other artists, I’m not so shy. Because the first time when dealing with them I’m shy – kind of person I am, I can seem to someone strange in some of its reactions. In General, by the time they had the idea of a “Room”, we have already got used to each other. And it was cool that they didn’t just ask me to choose a song and said, “we Have something for you, and Anton sketched out the arrangements, his version of this song”. I immediately came to them to decide. I have always the case: until I sing a song into the microphone, I’m unclear what “this is it” that it is interesting and appropriate. You can only understand it in the process.

– When a Director works with an actor in the theater, he tells him that you want to assign a role. Moreover, this definition has nothing to do with the psychological term “sense of ownership”, which carries a negative connotation. To assign the role needed to make her his, to live on stage. But as happens with pesname written by other people? You’re important to feel that they are like your own?

– since I don’t write songs myself, that is my only task. It is important for me to feel that I grow with songs – regardless of whether this is the story of my life, or I act as a narrator. The latter also happens, when my voice sounds like a voice over, but most often it’s still my story. If I’m not fused with the song, I don’t sing, because I know you can do better. I have an internal yardstick, my little censor.

If I know that I can do well (even if it sounds immodest and), perhaps none is so interesting as I don’t do it, then I take responsibility for the composition and immersed in it. If I can’t, the song is good, and I know that someone will cope with it better, then I’m not going to take up the task initially. I have, fortunately, no gene of rivalry and jealousy, I don’t appreciate themselves, their capabilities and even calmly can she offer to sing the song to someone else. There are different vocal compositions. I’m not strong in long notes, some dramatically strong accents when you need to sing long, loud is just a little bit of my story, but I have my own advantages.

Finally – what would you wish the readers of “MK” in this period?

– I wish to preserve the sanity and good spirits is very important. If you feel that you start to go crazy, worry about someone who can be at times difficult. It always helps to live a difficult situation, removes the focus from our sufferings and experiences. Now around there are very unusual things. Very much confusing information. And there are a huge number of people who are happy in this smoldering fire of panic attacks will throw fuel and pour butter. Always remember that even when we can’t change the situationYu, it depends on us how we react to incoming information, how we are in charge now, and how ready we are to support each other.