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Export daily flights to Moscow brought no more than 500 people, and in airports located in other regions - not more than 200. This is due to the fact that everyone needs to pay much attention: all passengers pass the examination, and then go to the quarantine
The Federal air transport Agency has prepared a preliminary schedule of export of the Russian citizens from abroad. The project is composed by 13 April. At the moment 25,8 thousands of Russian tourists waiting to return home
Passenger traffic on urban, suburban and intercity bus routes has decreased by 50%. In this regard, the carriers have asked to increase the interval of movement of transport in order to reduce costs and prevent the closure of the
Transit trains with "sanctions" products went through Russia with electronic navigational seals. Cheese, frozen fish, vegetables and other contraband from Europe can't appear on store shelves under the guise of goods from neighboring countries
More than 13.4 thousand Russians taken March 27 from foreign countries in connection with the coronavirus, it took 106 Charter flights, said the Federal air transport Agency. On 28 Mar 92 scheduled Charter flight
Russian tourists abroad round-the-clock alert about how they can return home. The foreign Ministry and the Embassy are constantly updating information in social networks. RG made up a compilation, as diplomats are our compatriots in this difficult time
In the regions will be temporarily closed night clubs, movie theaters, children's playrooms and entertainment centers, as well as a ban on Smoking hookahs in the bars and restaurants. This instruction was given by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova
Russia on the background of the pandemic coronavirus from March 23 imposed restrictions on flights and with a number of countries, follows from the message of Federal air transport Agency. The flights will be performed only in the capitals of some foreign countries, as well as for evacuation of Russians
Russia from 23 March introduces the new temporary restrictions on flights to Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan in connection with the spread of a new coronavirus infection. In these countries will only fly Charter flights to return the Russians home
Russia restricts flights to Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan and Thailand. This saves direct flights from Moscow to the capitals of these countries, as well as the Charter for the export of Russian citizens. The measures will take effect from March 23
March 20 will be performed three flights of airline "Aeroflot" and "Victory" with the Russian tourists from Montenegro. As have informed in Embassy of the Russian Federation, the flights scheduled from the airport of Podgorica
The losses of Russian airlines due to restrictions of air travel due to pandemic coronavirus can be more than 100 billion rubles. The Federal air transport Agency does not exclude even bankruptcies of airlines
To prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages in the long-distance trains offer in the Main Department of transport Ministry of Russia. "As a result of drinking alcohol in the dining cars last year there were more than 8 thousand crimes," said Lieutenant-General of police Dmitry Sharabarov