Export flights a day back in Russia about 500 people

Two flights arrived on 10 April from Phuket to Saint Petersburg and from Cyprus to Moscow, returned about 150 people. And on April 11, 370 Russian citizens flown to Moscow from Bangkok. Four flight made on April 12. To Moscow from Tokyo back 180 of the Russians. From Seoul to Vladivostok and Khabarovsk airline “Aurora” was taken by about 250 people, about 200 Russians returned on a flight of “Ural airlines” from Bangkok to Krasnoyarsk.

Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti On April 12, is scheduled to export four flight

by April 16, formed a new provisional export schedule flights, said the Federal air transport Agency. He will be transferred to the Operational headquarters of the government for final approval. There are flights to Moscow and other cities of India, Thailand, USA, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands.

each flight is a big job. The closed flights, some countries are reluctant to give permission for the flight, send the Russians are constantly changing. It is also difficult to collect countrymen. For the flight home, they need to leave the application on the portal of public services. Only after that formed the lists of passengers on an export flight. One flight passengers are taken only in one region, to eliminate the spread of infection. It is important to ensure loading of the Board.

Upon arrival, all passengers are screened and quarantined. Because there are restrictions. A day in Moscow brought no more than 500 people, and in airports located in other regions – not more than 200 people. It is necessary to pay enough attention to each passenger flown.

prior To 16 APR planned export routes from India, Thailand, USA, Italy

All of organized tourists, that is, have bought tickets, the travel company has taken by the beginning of April. So now abroad there are only those Russians who traveled to the imposition of restrictions on their own. First take out the Russians who went abroad this year as tourists.

on the Eve of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed to establish a mechanism for the return of Russians to their homeland and to create conditions for returning of the regime of isolation and quarantine.