Transit trains will go with electronic seals

Russia imposed the food embargo in August 2014 in response to anti-Russian sanctions. The way the country is closed meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, nuts, fruits and other agricultural products from USA, EU countries, Canada, Australia, Norway. Since then, providers have tried a variety of ways to deliver the contraband to the Russian market, one of them is the shipment of cargo transit via Russia. To the destination in China, Kazakhstan or, say, Armenia such goods do not reach, and settled on the Russian shelves. Often illegal schemes sent the goods of dubious quality that, if anything goes wrong and do not mind losing. Now this loophole is closed.

Photo: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan the Bundestag condemned the US decision to maintain sanctions during a pandemic

the First train from electronic navigational seals went through Russia to China from the station Smolensk-Sorting. Rostransnadzor will supervise the use of the device for railway rolling stock in accordance with the decree of the Russian government.

the Seals are mounted on the carriages after train is on the territory of Russia. The correct mounting of seals is controlled by the representative of Rostransnadzor, he makes the decision on removal of a seal, when the car leaves the territory of the country.

the Control path allows the GLONASS system. “We see on the monitor how the composition of the fillings travels across the country,” – says the head of Goszheldornadzor (the structure of the Rostransnadzor) Alexander Kosarev. Detailed information about location of the cargo would also have the shipper, carrier and customs office.

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the System allows you to track all incidents with a seal. If the road will lose signal, the carrier may stop the train and inspect the car. If the integrity of the seal, information will be passed to Goszheldornadzor and customs, and there will be a decision on the need for additional inspection of the train at the time of withdrawal of the seal at the exit of trains from Russia. The signal may disappear because of the unstable connection, says Kosarev.

While the system is working in test mode. The first cargo under an electronic seal went frozen salmon from the Netherlands to China, said the press service of “Russian Railways” (RZD). Another test cargo will soon go on the Northern transit route through Zabaikalsk.

the System is developed with the participation of the FCS of Russia, Rostransnadzor, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of agriculture and Railways. It will allow better use of transit-logistic potential of the country, to increase the volume of traffic and to increase transparency of transit, said the Ministry of Railways.