Truckers are asked to reduce the number of flights

the Demand for city and intercity transportation fell due to the spread of coronavirus infection and dead week on April 30. “Now the work is performed for which no payment, but there are costs. Carriers are required to ship regardless of passenger traffic, since the routes and number of buses according to the schedule agreed upon,” – said Vice-President of the Russian motor transportation Union Valery Alekseev.

the Demand for tickets was halved

contracts for the transportation of passengers regional and municipal authorities. It’s good that in Moscow 70% of the contractual payment is because the bus passed a certain route, not the number of passengers, said Alekseev. In regions the situation is quite complex, as pay for transported passengers, the number of which was calculated theoretically.

Especially a noticeable loss of preferential categories of passengers – pensioners, schoolchildren, students. Universities and schools closed, and concessionary travel to pensioners blocked. Stopped and disbursements for the beneficiaries.

If you increase the intervals, to reduce the number of buses on the route, it will be possible to save on fuel, partly on pay drivers, dispatchers, and other staff, according to the transporters. They offer to contact your regional authorities with a proposal to conclude a supplementary agreement to the contracts.

the Transport authorities propose to introduce “tax holidays” for the industry

For the metro reduced intervals is unlikely to yield considerable savings, adds the President of the Moscow transport Union Yuri Sveshnikov. Passenger traffic fell by 30%, but the guards, cashiers, cleaners, electricians and other specialists are still working, and the electricity savings are insignificant.

to Undermine the stability of the carriers may also lease payments. They can reach 300 thousand roubles a month for new large buses, says Sveshnikov. “You need to ensure leasing companym at the level of government that they then get the money, but now we need to reschedule the payments for about six months,” he said. In addition, according to workers, might help “tax holidays” that is actually a transfer of tax payments.

the trains temporarily closed the dining cars

the Proposal supports the Ministry of transport, Alexeyev says. The Ministry on the issue of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” about the possible measures to support the industry at the time of delivery of the material didn’t answer.

“Now urban and suburban in the regions transferred to the mode of the day, the headways have increased, and this is enough”, – said Chairman of the Russian Association of passengers Ilya Zotov.