Rosaviatsia has formed a tentative timetable for the removal of the Russians from abroad

the Federal air transport Agency has prepared a preliminary schedule of export of the Russian citizens from abroad. It is reported by the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, specifying that the project is composed by 13 April.

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So, on the eighth of April in Moscow scheduled two flights from new York and male. The ninth day of April in the capital can be delivered to the Russians in Denpasar. On April 10 scheduled flights from Thailand to Moscow and St. Petersburg (here can deliver compatriots from Larnaca). In the project on April 10 and included two flights “Siberia” from Bangkok to Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, as well as the flight from Tokyo to Vladivostok.

it is Assumed that the 11 April “Aeroflot” will continue the removal of the Russians from Bangkok to Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Also on this day, it is possible to deliver Russian citizens in the capital city of Antalya. “Ural airlines” plans to bring Russian tourists from Bangkok to Krasnoyarsk, Kazan and Ufa. Pre-plan on 12 and 13 April included the flights of “Aeroflot” to Moscow from Madrid, Tokyo, Podgorica and Goa.

the report notes that the schedule of export flights should finally approve the operational headquarters of the Russian government to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Just at the moment 25,8 thousands of Russian tourists waiting to return home. Earlier it was reported that the cost of tickets on flights for export the Russians will be fixed. For passengers with tickets of foreign airlines new ticket price will be from 200 to 400 euros depending on the flight distance. If the hands have the unused ticket Russian air carrier, the passenger will be taken on Board free of charge on the basis of this ticket, according to the Ministry.