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The interior Minister of Turkey was heavily criticized after the announcement of the introduction of a curfew. It has announced a two-day ban on leaving the house in order to combat coronavirus resulted in the fact that people EN masse went to even a shop to have time to buy
Russia will continue to defend the legitimate right to Aleksandrovskoe farmstead, which was in January given to the Russian side. This was stated in the Russian Embassy in Israel, commenting on the situation around the archaeological complex scandalous situation
The collapse of world oil prices severely hit the revenues of Saudi Arabia, as well as the recent military successes of the coalition opposing the Yemeni rebels have forced Riyadh to speed up the search for a diplomatic exit from the protracted war in the region
On the night of March 31 in the conference call, the Israeli government approved new measures to contain the coronavirus. Now banned prayer meetings inside the synagogues. The rabbis urged citizens to abide by the instructions of the authorities
The government of Israel Wednesday night, has tightened the rules of quarantine, extending it to seven days. More stringent measures will further restrict the movement of the Israelites. In the case of growth in the number of infections may be introduced a full blockade of the country
The white house is reducing its financial assistance to Afghanistan by one billion dollars. The decision was taken after rival Afghan leaders failed to resolve their dispute after Pompeo's visit to Kabul
On behalf of the President of the Russian Federation defense Minister Sergei Shoigu held talks with Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. They discussed issues related to sustainable cease hostilities in the area Iglinskiy de-escalation and stabilization of the situation in other parts of Syria
In connection with the extraordinary circumstances of foreign intelligence in Israel could not stand aside - in the course of a complex MOSSAD operation have already arrived in the country, 100 sets for analysis COVID-19. How special services help doctors, found "RG"
The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Iran on February 19, exceeded 21.6 thousand people. "For the last days identified 1028 new cases COVID-19. Unfortunately, 129 people died from the disease," - said in the Ministry of health of the Republic of
In the Islamic Republic of coronavirus COVID-19 over the past day died 113 people. The number of deaths from the disease in the country since February 19, is 724. To date, Iran has recovered 4590 people
In the Islamic Republic of coronavirus COVID-19 over the past day died 113 people. The number of deaths from the disease in the country since February 19, is 724. To date, Iran has recovered 4590 people
The leaders of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Tayyip Erdogan held a telephone conversation, during which discussed the situation in Syria's Idlib province, as well as previous agreements on Syria. The conversation took place on the initiative of the Russian side
March 7, Russia introduced a temporary ban on the entry of nationals from Iran for training and work in our country, in private, tourist and transit purposes. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. The reason was the situation with coronavirus in the Islamic Republic
The principled position of Moscow to the terrorists in Syria, including Idlib province, has not undergone significant changes. As stated by Maria Zakharova, to eliminate militants in the region in the first place should the government forces
The Ankara Prosecutor's office demands to sentence eight defendants in the murder of the Ambassador of Russia to Turkey Andrei Karlov to life terms. The Prosecutor demanded to sentence five defendants to two life terms and three - to one life term
Looming on Europe's migration crisis, which provoked the President of Turkey, once again confirms the EU's single only. While in Greece, with varying degrees of success fighting off the migrants in the Old world Express their solidarity with Athens and do nothing
in Idlib merged fortified terrorists deployed by the agreement of the Turkish observation posts. A landmark statement was made by an official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov
Russian centre for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria have told about the failed provocation of the militants in Idlib. A group of terrorists attempted to detonate high explosive ammunition with toxic chemicals
In Syria, observation posts, Turkish forces actually merged with the fortified areas of terrorists. This was reported in MO, Recalling that a key agreement in Sochi the Memorandum was a commitment of Ankara to oust rebels from the outer boundary of the zone of de-escalation
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hopes that the forthcoming meeting of presidents of Russia and Turkey will help to improve the situation in the Syrian Idlib. He also noted that Moscow, understanding the issue of migration in the EU, can not stop the fight against terrorism in the middle East
The situation in Idlib province escalates noticeably. Turkish armed forces shot down aircraft Syrian air force who took part in anti-terrorist operations. Attack on a Turkish military also briefed the local media
Experimental samples of vaccine against the coronavirus, the Israeli scientists will be able to provide seven to nine months. Now actively investigated "virulence" COVID-19, that is, the ability of an infectious agent to infect the human body
The situation of migrants trying to get from Turkey to Greece, so serious that on Tuesday an inspection at the border arrives the entire top of the European Union. Now there are more than 13 thousand people, among them a significant part of men
In Israel were registered 10 cases of infection with coronavirus. The primary source of new infections in the country was a local resident returning from a tourist trip to Italy
Idlib province in Northwest Syria remains the scene of fierce fighting the army of Assad entrenched in the region by terrorists. Especially serious situation has developed in the area of Sarakibe, where rebels are trying to organize a major offensive
Turkey detained the editor of the local unit of the Agency Sputnik Machir Boztepe. It took the police, now he's taken to the General Directorate of security of Istanbul
In Iran identified 593 cases of infection with coronavirus, and the ratio of the number of cases and deaths, Iran ranks second in the world, yielding leadership only to China. As the country is experiencing an epidemic, found out the correspondent "RG"
Russian centre for the reconciliation of warring parties in the past days recorded 25 attacks from terrorists in Idlib province. The situation worsened after the return fire of Syrian forces on 27 February came the Turkish military
Astana, the format remains popular, despite the attempts of Western countries to exploit the situation in Idlib to drive a wedge between Moscow and Ankara. This was stated by Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia
The President discussed at the operational meeting with permanent members of the security Council the situation around the Syrian Idlib. Were expressed extreme concern at the dramatic escalation of the situation provoked by the terrorist groups
Russia has consistently advocated that there has been no compromise with terrorists in the middle East, said Sergei Lavrov. He also noted that the settlement of the conflict in Syria is impossible without a political dialogue
There is no doubt that the loss of Turkey in the operation in Syria will grow, said the political scientist, the President of scientific centre "Institute of the Middle East" Yevgeny Satanovsky
Moscow questioned the connection of France and Germany to the Russian-Turkish negotiations on Idlib, said the Russian foreign Ministry. The Ministry stressed that consultations between Moscow and Ankara on the issue will continue
In the near future can be held a new round of negotiations between Moscow and Ankara on the situation in Idlib province. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, adding that Russia will do everything that the region has become a fully functioning area of de-escalation
The resolution of the crises in the middle East and Africa was the theme of the meeting, Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov with Prime Minister of the Sudan Abdullah Hamokom. This is stated in the statement.

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