Embassy: the Russian Federation will protect their rights in Aleksandrovskoe Podvorie in Jerusalem

After a nearly century-old property dispute that began after the October revolution, Israel confirmed the transfer of the monastery in the Russian party – this was in January formally declared the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Recently, however, the registration process was unexpectedly suspended the decision of the Jerusalem district court. The Embassy said it will continue to defend the legal rights to the building and grounds around it.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov/RIA Novosti the Israelis flew a special flight from Moscow home

this was reported in a posting on his Twitter page. The court order, which put into question the agreement between Russia and Israel was made after filing a lawsuit “Orthodox Palestinian society in the Holy Land”, which insist Russian officials, is the compound illegally. Diplomats, in turn, prepare a response to the claim “Palestinians” that required, according to local media, to terminate the registration.

Meanwhile, the head of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society, Sergei Stepashin, confirmed the “Interfax” that a temporary ban will have no affect, and Russia still intends to defend their rights – now under trial.

Dossier “RG”

Aleksandrovskoe farmstead, acquired in the nineteenth-century Coptic community, and is only seventy metres from the Calvary, also called the “Russian excavations.” The excavations were carried on here in the eighties of the last century with the participation of leading Israeli, French and British archaeologists. Thanks to these efforts, on-site managed to find and preserve unique objects, including a fragment of a second of the walls of Jerusalem with a Threshold of Judgment gate, through which, according to legend, crossed XPistas on the way to the penalty, the arch of temple of Hadrian, and fragments of a Basilica of the time of Constantine the Great. On the territory of the monastery is the house Church consecrated in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky and built in memory of Emperor Alexander the Third, who founded the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society.