The rabbis in Israel, supported at the time of the epidemic, the closure of synagogues

four days later, on 19 March, the chief Rabbi of Tiberias Moshe Zvi Baruch Buhbut issued a decree calling on the public to observe the instructions of the authorities to combat coronavirus. He stressed that when it comes to saving human life are acceptable even to violate the Torah. Rabbi Moshe Buhbut said that all the synagogues in the city should be closed, “the castle until further notice”.

the Israeli Prime Minister will go to isolation

One of the main religious authorities of the Lithuanian direction of Orthodox Judaism 92-year-old Rabbi Chaim Kanevsky declared even before the last of the prohibitions addressed to the rabbis of Bnei Brak city in tel Aviv district, where the majority of residents belong to the ultra-Orthodox community, calling for an end to the collective prayers in the open air, despite the fact that while such prayers were allowed by the rules of the Ministry of health. Kanev called collective prayers real danger to life and urged believers to pray alone so as not to expose themselves and others at risk of infection.

In the Old city of Jerusalem there are no tourist and the pilgrim, and the local dealers – none of the buyer

In the Holy land closed all synagogues, mosques and Christian churches. In the Old city of Jerusalem there are no tourist and the pilgrim, and the local dealers – none of the buyer.

In the fight against the spread of COVID-19 Israeli police making a door in one of the synagogues of Ashdod. Photo:

Receipts fines loitering print directly to patrol cars. Cameras mounted on drones and quadcopters, seek out offenders. To them immediately send the police. Criminal cases are got for distributors of false information.

To the new restrictions, announced by Benjamin Netanyahu, is the prohibition to gather in public space more than two people. The working day is reduced by 15 percentof instruments. Now fill in daily forms health workers. The new regulation banned group prayer and outdoors. At funeral ceremonies – and only outdoors – can’t gather more than 20 people. Thus there is a requirement to comply with the six-foot distance between the newcomers. A complete ban on inviting guests to the wedding. The Passover (Jewish Easter), which this year is celebrated from 8 to 16 April, you can participate only members of the same family.

Quarantine, in the mode which the lives of the Jewish state, has yielded positive results. Professor Gabi Barbash, an epidemiologist of world renown, who held the post of Director General of the Israeli Ministry of health, reported that the rate of growth of the number of cases of virus COVID-19 in Israel in recent days has decreased more than twice.