Five years of war in Yemen: will the Saudis to find a way out of the confrontation

As reported by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the Saudis started to take active efforts to launch the negotiation process between the Houthis and supported by the government of the Kingdom of the deposed Yemeni President Abd-rabbu Mansour Hadi.

the Arab coalition in Yemen announced the suspension of hostilities

just these days, marks exactly five years since the beginning of active hostilities in Yemen, which over time has claimed the lives of more than 112 thousand people. The civil war in the country, the recall broke at the end of March 2015 with the capture of the rebels-the Houthi power in Sana’a. Immediately after that, in vnutriyemenskogo the conflict interfered with Saudi Arabia leading the Arab coalition and by intervention in Yemen to support the “expelled in a coup” government of Hadi.

Photo: Najm Aldin / Rout: Pro-Saudi forces suffered heavy losses in Yemen

during the beginning of full-scale hostilities in the address Riyadh have repeatedly heard criticism in the indiscriminate use of weapons, primarily aircraft. Under Saudi strikes not once got a wedding procession, hospitals and other civilian targets, which killed hundreds of Yemenis. However, this does not interfere with Western partners of Saudis, especially the USA and the UK, to sell them arms and ammunition. Thus, and despite the mass death of the civilian population of Yemen, the Western partners of the Kingdom sought to contain the growing influence in the region Iran. Tehran, in turn, continues to provide military and technical support to their co-religionists, the Houthis – a group of Shia Muslims.

recently, the Saudi-led coalition had serious problems. Last year its participation in combat actionsthe third in Yemen has dramatically reduced the UAE, trying to reduce their financial cost of fighting against the Houthis mercenaries and their own losses. And the territory of the Kingdom including the capital Riyadh, was a regular “fly” – the Houthis are increasingly inflict painful strikes with missiles and drones on the economic infrastructure of the Kingdom. Regular retaliatory strikes throughout the sky of the Saudi air force in Sanaa and other objects of the Houthis, apparently, does not greatly alter the prevailing balance of forces. Besides, Yemeni rebels learned to use their own makeshift defense and only in recent months took down several Saudi UAV fighter “Tornado” and helicopters “Apache”.

Photo: EPA/NOUFAL IBRAHIM WSJ: Buyers in the US and Europe abandon Saudi oil.

the movement “Ansar Allah” inflicted new heavy defeats by Saudi-backed supporters of President Hadi. Judging by common Huthis video frames, in the provinces of Marib, sa’ada and al-Jawf government forces were soundly defeated and the rebels took the major trophies of military equipment. Given the fact that they have captured the strategically important territory directly borders with Saudi Arabia, there are high risks that active hostilities may be transferred to the territory of the Kingdom itself, with all the consequences for weakened by the fall in world oil prices, Riyadh. In addition, adjacent to the Saudi border territories, the Houthis will be able to deliver a more effective missile attacks on targets including oil infrastructure in the Kingdom, analysts say.

In this deepening with each passing day for Saudi Arabia setting the Kingdom and all the forces trying to start a political pthe process. This objective contributes to the Secretary-General of the UN Antonio Guterres to all parties to the conflict ceasefire amid the threat of a global pandemic coronavirus. This initiative is already supported by Riyadh and the government of Hadi, but the Houthis continue their offensive operations. So, on the night of Sunday the missile bombardment, the capital of Saudi Arabia and the port city of Jizan. It seems that at the negotiating table they will sit only after irrevocably fix their own military advantage on the ground.

according to the publication Middle East Monitor, faced with such serious challenges Riyadh are actively looking to curtail its intervention in Yemen, however, the ability of Saudi Arabia to end a five-year war in the country on reasonable conditions will decrease quickly. According to experts, the Saudis finally realized they just can’t afford to bear the financial and military costs of the fighting with the Houthis in the long term.