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The regions continue to introduce a special regime against the spread of coronavirus. Among the measures not only bans. Hoteliers, for example, were allowed to book seats for tourists from dangerous countries. But with one condition
Astrakhan scientists have created a mobile mini-farm for growing fish and vegetables in the apartment. The installation has no analogues in Russia. And you can use it to breed even sturgeon
Krasnodar regional court upheld the complaint about the termination of the criminal case of Vasily Popkov orphans in the absence of his actions constitute a crime and a recognition of the right of the defendant to rehabilitation. This happened after several publications in "RG"
The passage of the first commuter train Kerch - Anapa on the Crimean bridge were removed from the copter. Rail bus RA-2 with a capacity of 590 passengers was swept under the arches of the bridge at speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour, overtaking some cars
From the railway station Kerch solemnly went to the first flight rail bus to Anapa. Only commuter trains between Crimea and Kuban has already sold more than 400 tickets
Italian Massimiliano Martinuzzi moved to Russia, married a Russian beauty. Hereditary pizzaiolo had no doubt what to do in Astrakhan. His wife spoke about the development of the family business
Today, in 14 hours 38 minutes by train to Kerch will start its first flight to Anapa rail train RA-2. On March 7 he will regularly run between the Peninsula and the mainland
Moscow Central diameters inspired College student computing Andrey Lazarev on the development of the project for the city rail network passenger buses. Countrymen and the railroad supported him
The highest paying jobs are not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Earn from 150 thousand rubles a month to offer in Samara, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-don, Irkutsk, Krasnodar and other cities
Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal believes that Ukraine needs to pump water to the Crimea. It is about water for people's needs and humanitarian responsibility, and not about business or trade
Prime Minister of Ukraine stated the need to resume water supply to Crimea, and then retracted his words. According to the Crimean Senator, are turning the traditional policy of Kyiv, where a significant role is played by the nationalists
The first experimental female crew formed in the Russian Navy. To serve three girls will be on patrol boat "Raptor" in the black sea fleet
The Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea declared reduction of prices on vacation in hotels and resorts in 2020. Accommodation for holidays in may became cheaper by 18 percent compared to the 2019 year and in the high holiday season - six percent
If Switzerland will not be able to take the world hockey championship because of the outbreak of coronavirus, the tournament can be moved to Sochi and Belarus. These scenarios considers the international ice hockey Federation, said its President Rene Fasel
Anna Polaskova - a single mom with two children - first year goes through the courts, proving his right to purchase in Krasnodar the house in shared Park. the yard. Creates problems for her neighbor, flaunt ties to law enforcement and judicial authorities
In the Krasnodar region is gaining momentum new scandal investigation: law enforcement revealed the criminal community which structure included the employees of the DPS paragraph "assumption". Turning a blind eye to various violations, they released drivers after receiving bribes
In Sevastopol, the court declared wanted by the patient infectious diseases hospital. After a trip to China the girl was in quarantine for the coronavirus, but left the medical facility
Several new railway routes open for the summer season in the Russian South. Sale of tickets has already begun. For children under 10 years prices are reduced by 70% for passengers under the age of 21 and older than 60 years - by a third. And if you make a round-trip ticket, the cost of return will be 20% lower
In a helicopter crash near Astrakhan man was killed. The accident occurred in Narimanov district of the region, bordering on the Astrakhan. The causes of the accident are still unknown
Frigates of the black sea fleet "Admiral Makarov" and "Admiral Grigorovich", armed with missiles "Caliber", began to pass the Turkish Straits of Bosporus and Dardanelles. Ships sent to the Mediterranean sea
Animaloterapiya will be trained in the Donskoy state technical University. They are specialists in the treatment of diseases in adults and children with the involvement of animals. DSTU is the first University in Russia which will be engaged in training staff of a similar profile
The Sochi mayor's office began checking on the fact that the video in which the teacher of the school № 27 in the Adler district demanded money from students for cleaning the classes. And in this video the teacher refers to the class in a loud voice
Ukrainian fishermen detained in the Azov sea for poaching, released from prison in Kerch after serving administrative arrest. Complaints about conditions they never said
In the Rostov region investigators opened a criminal case under article "Causing death by negligence" after the gas explosion in the house. In the result of incident killed two people. Another hospitalized
In April rail freight operator in the Crimea will open new routes. Trains "Tavria" you can come to Simferopol and back from Kislovodsk, Yekaterinburg and Murmansk
Unusually high temperatures predicted in several Russian regions this week. Deviations from the norm can be up to 20 degrees, said the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand