Named the main condition to end the epidemic of the coronavirus

Here is not to examine patients, or simply want to be diagnosed. But only those who came from abroad. For two weeks they are in isolation. Just at this period held their testing for coronavirus.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS Moscow started to cooperate with private laboratories conducting tests for coronavirus

the Number of strokes delivered increasing. For the first week day number of samples ranged from 60 to 386. Our compatriots are actively returned from Europe and Asia. In addition, many came from other regions. The laboratory works in two shifts of eight people.

an employee of the laboratory through the window taking large bags from couriers. It is fully outfitted. Actually, this whole process could take a peek. The doctor ironically invites the journalist to go inside, but immediately warns that after this will be a two-week quarantine. No, thank you.

the Path of the sample is: a biomaterial in a patient taking at the local clinic. There it is packaged in a special container. Courier at medical vehicle delivers the goods in Krasnooktyabrsky district of Volgograd. The nucleic acid of the virus is considered slow, but everything is quite fast: laboratory work takes six to eight hours. The registry surveyed are sending back to the clinic for decision-making.

“We will increase the number of laboratories. On the way polyclinic №1 and one private organization. To speak about the termination of the epidemic will be possible only then when the two incubation periods after the recovery of the last patient,” said regional health Department head Anatoly sebelev.

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