Mishustin: Steps of Moscow - the continuation of the policy to combat coronavirus

the actions of the President and the government taken so far, was absolutely justified, are designed to protect citizens, said yesterday the head of the Cabinet of Ministers, conducting an operational response to infection, yielding results. “Now the main thing – not to reduce the pace,” he said.

the Steps of Moscow and Moscow region is a logical continuation of the policy of the President and government to combat coronavirus

kind of example shows the capital region, where Monday started not just hours a week, and enhanced the mode of increased readiness to call on the citizens without extreme necessity not to leave their homes. “Steps are being taken there, is a logical continuation of the policy of the President and government to combat the coronavirus,” said the Prime Minister.

Photo: iStock the Government will support victims of coronavirus sectors of the economy

Go for it had, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, since about 20 percent of Muscovites cool attitude to the calls of the authorities to self-restraint. Such measures were discussed with the government and, says its Chairman, will help to save human health and life. “I ask the heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation to pay attention to the experience of colleagues and to study the possibility of introducing such measures in their regions”, – said Mishustin to the governors, asking the capital’s mayor to share the experience with them.

Control the situation in Moscow every day will become tougher. “I hope that by the end of the week we will have an information system that will allow us to monitor the movement of citizens and to prevent violations that can occur, – said Sobyanin. – Also wait for the adoption of the Federal law that will allow bolit is actively working on this issue”.

the strengthening of control activities and advocate in the CPS. The geography of the virus into the country is expanding, explained the head of the Federal service Anna Popova. Across the country continues to prepare the health system to receive potential coronavirus patients. The government will send in 77 regions of 33.4 billion rubles. “These funds will go to the organization for more infectious beds in hospitals and to equip them accordingly with medical equipment in accordance with the approved list,” – said Mishustin. Another 5 billion will provide for the purchase of about 1,200 cars “ambulance”. The Ministry of health, the Prime Minister instructed to determine the Federal medical institution on the basis of which will be deployed infectious beds. “Readiness must be complete: and places and the necessary equipment and medical staff,” said the Prime Minister. In this mobilization could be involved not only Federal and regional medical institutions, according to the mayor of Moscow. “I would ask that you instruct us to study the network of private clinics that can also provide such assistance,” – said Sobyanin.

the Total number of beds in the country should be brought almost to 100 thousand. At the moment, reported to the Minister of health Michael Murashko, ready 78 thousand. In the capital before the end of the week, at least two Federal medical centres will be refocused on patients with coronavirus.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG the Cabinet of Ministers of 33.4 billion roubles for additional space in hospitals

In the structure of Federal medical-biological Agency will employ more than 3600 beds, of ntheir 600 – resuscitation. In Moscow, said the head of the FMBA Veronika Skvortsova, Monday, three working only at the reception coronavirus patients. The Ministry of health is ready if you want to include in the fight against coronavirus those completing their education in medical schools.

While one part of government in daily basis has been a struggle with himself coronavirus, the economic bloc is trying to mitigate the negative effect of the infection to the economy. The Cabinet is considering measures to support a wide range of bearing loss organizations. It will be implemented in the framework of anti-crisis plan and measures that are introduced to support small and medium-sized businesses. “We are preparing measures to support organizations working in the field of culture, leisure, entertainment, physical culture and sports. The same situation in tourism, hospitality business, and entrepreneurs who are engaged in public catering”, – said the head of the Cabinet. In the list to assist the organization of additional education, private educational institutions and all the personal services sector. “Another important aspect of our work is monitoring the economic and financial condition of systemically important organizations,” said Mishustin. He signed the order to the Ministry of industry to monitor their condition for rapid response in case of occurrence of risks.

the Prime Minister touched on the issue of toughening of responsibility for violation of quarantine measures. “The government approved the relevant amendments to the Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offenses”, – he noted.


By decree of the mayor March 28 and closed a large shopping center, hairdresser and parks. Even before the museums, theatres, exhibition halls. Stop working even malls “My documents”. Is over 300 services they recently provided, now you can only obtain a death certificate. Yes, and its by appointment only. Closed and nearly 15 thousand cafes and restaurants. Permitted food delivery, kait was shared by the founder of one of the chain restaurants Sergey Mironov, the move may not all. He personally closed their 8 institutions. And indeed in the current situation to develop the delivery of prepared food, said restaurateur Arkady Novikov, is futile. Before this service was aimed primarily at office workers, and now they mostly switched to udalenku. “We have a few restaurants that continue to deliver food to our homes but in the total structure of revenues is minuscule”, he concluded.

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS the Prosecutor General’s office found new fakes of coronavirus in social networks

Losses are now not only catering, but also the tourism, hospitality and other business, is fraught with reduction of workplaces. Realizing this, the mayor has included in the new decree for unemployed Muscovites benefits in the amount of 19 500 rubles.

nevertheless, in contrast to rigid quarantine declared in Europe, in a state of emergency in Moscow officially still only operates on high alert. In fact, it is more the call of the authorities to observe the limits prescribed in the decree. For the movement of people while you don’t need any gaps – the introduction of QR codes with a description of the place of residence and place of work human only in the future. No one requires permits and car owners. In normal operation of public transport is to stop the capital is not going to. Moreover, the new decree, the mayor has promised to extend the validity of tickets anyone who is not in breach of the rules of the regime of self-isolation. And, apparently, the majority of Muscovites heard his appeal and responsibly assess the situation. Assessment diptrans, passenger pOzeki decreased by 80%, and the roads were deserted by 70% of traffic jams in Moscow yesterday morning was not out of the question.

Similar restrictive measures have been taken in the region and the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. Control over observance of the regime of self-isolation, he promises to provide with the help of law enforcement and cameras. According to the Department of regional security, in the cities of the region have more than 41 thousand, and this year will have 15 thousand. “But there is no curfew in the suburbs there,” – said Andrei Vorobyov in response to the question of residents of Zhukovsky, which are posted in social networks video of police cars, broadcasted on the introduction to the field and such a measure.

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And the districts

Murmansk oblast yesterday from 12.00 switched to a mode of self-isolation. As reported in the regional headquarters of epidemiological safety, restrictions on entry in the Kovdor district, Monchegorsk, Teriberka and Ura-Guba. To get these settlements can only those who have permanent or temporary registration. Previously, the entrance was closed in Apatity and Kirovsk.

Today on the example of Moscow and the most Western Russian region from 00 hours imposed a regime of isolation. As explained by the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov reduced to a minimum by public transport. Now to the Amber region there is only one train from Moscow and one from St. Petersburg, and, at the request of the Lithuanian side, the number of passengers in the same train may not exceed one hundred people. And from March 30 to go on these trains only those passengers who have the mark of registration at the place of residence on the territory of the Kaliningrad region.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov/ RIA Novosti Sobyanin: About 20% of populationfirs of Moscow ignored the call to isolation

Other overland communications with the Russian exclave closed except for cargo transit. In the Kursk region reduced the number of inter-municipal bus routes. From 30 March to 12 April passengers will only be conducted from 6 to 9 PM and from 18 to 21 hours.

in Addition resolved to halve the number of trips of urban public transport in the city of Kursk, and in district centers – the cities of Zheleznogorsk, Kurchatov, Lgov and Shchigry. Those of Sakhalin, who are on a two-week quarantine has begun to control with the help of digital technology. The returnees from abroad and from the mainland is taken on this voluntary agreement. Photos, vehicle numbers, mobile phone data is loaded into the system “Safe city”. Cameras record the occurrence of citizens outside the home and transmit the information to law enforcement agencies. For violation of the regime of isolation, the citizens are responsible up to the criminal. The system helps to identify possible contacts of cases.

– throughout the city installed cameras that do not just record, but also processes the data. For example, if a person is ill and his photos uploaded to the database, then in retrospect we’ll find out who the last few days he was in contact and in any public places visited, – said the Deputy Chairman of the regional government Vyacheslav Alenikov.

currently creating a database of residents, which provide vital activity of the region, workers of the authorities and law enforcement, medical and emergency services, food industry, food stores, pharmacies and other vital organizations. They will receive the special QR codes, allowing you to go to work and move around the city.

C 30 March in Astrakhan oblast by the decree of the government of the region has been quarantined. Residents must remain at the place of residence, can withdraw, to take out the trash, walk the dog, shopping in the nearest shop aptyoku, and to receive emergency medical care. It is also permitted to move around the work.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS Mode isolation in Moscow: questions and answers

going fishing is prohibited. “Guests of the area are kindly requested to return home, otherwise they too are subject to quarantine,” said the Governor of the region Igor Babushkin in the treatment of Astrakhan. In addition, restricted entrance to the area vehicles. Within the region, you can ride only in the passenger, private transport and taxis.

And on the borders of the Astrakhan region have health posts. All those entering the territory of the region is subjected to initial medical examination, measure body temperature contactless device. This measure is intended to not miss infection in the region. Citizens with symptoms of virus diseases are not skipped.

Among the NWFD regions complete self-isolation, declared Vologda oblast. So, the Governor of the region Oleg Kuvshinnikov said that two airports in the region in Vologda and Cherepovets stop to accept and send planes. To leave the house only for drugs and products, as well as to work and back can drive health workers and staff of enterprises related to the livelihood of the city. Monitoring compliance with isolation will be carried out by the police and Regardie.

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