62-year-old patient COVID-19 spoke about his healing

the 62-year-old resident of Primorsko-Akhtarsky district 18 days undergoing treatment at the infectious diseases hospital in Krasnodar. And here he was discharged.

– many thanks to the doctors, thanks to which I could return to normal life, – said Sergey (a surname asked not to specify, and the pictures refused).

Photo: iStock in isolation to keep the love and strong nerves

– All members of the staff of infectious hospital Krasnodar, together with the chief physician Sergei Victorovich Zotov – the real heroes and great professionals. I though lying in a separate box, saw them both day and night. Therefore, I conclude that they are in these days, round the clock remain in their jobs. Each of them, rescuing people is doing a great thing. Hope that their work will be appreciated.

Sergey has told that feels normally. Full recovery was confirmed by two recent analysis taken from him at the clinic.

the Disease I have took place in the form of light, he said. Temperature for two days rose to 38 degrees. In any clinic, as some wrote, I did not go, and called the doctor. Because immediately suspected that the cause of the disease could become the most insidious virus. After I came back from Italy where I went on holiday.

Photo: Tatiana Andreeva/WG In the Urals recovered cases COVID-19 child

Of Verona Sergei returned at the end of February. Arrived in Moscow, and his car got to the farm Morozov. Pojavisease malaise at first regarded as the fatigue after a trip. But after fever and red throat, went to doctors who said that came from Italy.

to take from traveler’s tests, on the farm there arrived crew in special suits. Up to the time of receipt of results of examination the man was at home, his condition daily watched by the doctors. When the diagnosis was confirmed, he was placed in infectious Boxing hospital in Krasnodar.

– After hospitalization I was already almost healthy, so did not need any special treatment, – says the man. – But doctors had to make sure that the virus is in my system died. When it happened, I was discharged from the hospital. By the way, no I’m not infected – no friends, no family.

All Russians Sergey advises not to panic and to strictly follow the recommendations that give physicians.

– In a personal example, I was convinced that if people are watching their health and not prone to bad habits, even the infected with this virus, it is quite easy to transfer the disease, – said the correspondent “RG” the first cases COVID-19 a resident of the Kuban and the first successfully overcame the illness.