To replace a virtual Passover is Easter online

this year, because of the “devastating wickedness”, the global epidemic of coronavirus, celebration of important religious events is very different from all that attended the Easter holidays the last two thousand years. The Jewish religious authorities, was allowed to the ceremony of Passover, not in the synagogues, and houses, in front of a monitor, praying with the rabbis, who read live TV channels Easter prayers and stories.

19 APR similar situation awaits Orthodox Christians. All worship in Jerusalem, the Holy Sepulchre, where we expect the Holy fire, will be without the parishioners and pilgrims. Due to the total quarantine, announced in the Holy land, the temple will be allowed only the priests and a new elite of the modern world – the photojournalists and cameramen involved in the online broadcast of the ceremony.

as soon As the Holy fire come (and nobody doubts), it will be by special cars delivered to the airport Ben-Gurion, and referred to the Board, which will deliver it to Moscow. Meeting of the Holy fire at Vnukovo airport, where it will spread throughout Russia, will also be shown live. According to representatives of Fund of Andrey Pervozvannogo, for many years, providing Orthodox bringing of the Holy fire, “in the current environment to organize the traditional mass meeting is not possible.”

well, these are the harsh realities of our existence. Even in the days of the worst disasters or other shocks, religion has not freed the believer from the Temple. Now, for the sake of millions of lives, the patriarchs are forced to equate online communication and broadcast of worship to the human presence in the Holy place. In other words, new realities made unnecessary the physical presence of the person in the scene.

without even realizing, we have been blessed to step into a new era of virtual communication, free from the distances of the physical world.

in Fact, now even talkingI to the Almighty, quite decently, using phones, computers, televisions, a sort of latter-day ARKS of the Covenant connected to the world information network and at the same time United with all the world the shrines of the Jewish, Muslim, Christian…

it is not paradoxical that today we have reached the technologies described in the sacred books, in the beginning of the birth of modern civilization. When the Creator and his assistants stood before the ancient man in the Image, living in another world, and coming down to communicate with us from heaven.

Now we are all in the cloud. And something tells me have hardly wish to go back there.

Everything happens exactly with the ancient prophecies, in which the Apocalypse was preceded by the appearance of the Messiah, saving millions of lives and nachitavshis new life to humanity, in which any, in accordance with its electronic avatar can be anything you wish.

Alexander ROSENSAFT, “MK Israel”