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The government is discussing the strengthening of responsibility for violation of the quarantine by the new coronavirus, said Tatyana Golikova at a meeting of the headquarters for infection control. What measures will induce citizens to comply with the order of being in quarantine, the Deputy Prime Minister did not elaborate this issue is discussed
More than half of extremist crimes in the country last year were committed with the use of the Internet. This was stated by interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev on the expanded Board of the Ministry
From March 1 will be suspended in air communication with South Korea due to the outbreak of coronavirus, according to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. While the country will continue to operate flights "Aeroflot" and "Aurora". Diagram of the receiving aircraft will be the same as in the case of China
Vladimir Putin at the expanded Board of the Ministry of interior instructed to increase the level of solved crimes, and to block access to Internet resources, propagandizing drugs. In addition, the President urged extremely hard to respond to the arbitrariness of the police
Vladimir Putin has supported the proposed amendments to the Constitution and emphasized that no reasonable proposal will not be lost. A nationwide vote will take place on 22 April
The Hong Kong authorities decided to pay each citizen of $1280 to stimulate the economy. The government will also reduce income tax for certain categories of the population and help the poor with housing. To Finance economic stimulus package, leaving $15.4 billion Expert "MK" explain why some countries are helping citizens in times of crisis, and the Russian authorities did the opposite.
With the new academic year primary school pupils will begin to get hot meals at the expense of the budget. The law, approved by the Federation Council, also establishes requirements for the quality and safety of products for children and introduces the concept of "healthy eating"
In tourism urge the Russians to refrain from trips to Italy, South Korea and Iran. Tour operators pointed out the need to inform the tourists planning to travel to these countries, the risk of infection
On why opposition protests and why Internet calls to kill the children of asguardian can unbalance the situation in the country, the President spoke in the fourth of a series of video interview with TASS for the project "20 questions to Vladimir Putin". It is dedicated to high-profile cases, Regardie and dispersals of rallies
Press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov commented on some of the statements of ex-presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, the first time after the resignation communicated with journalists
To reduce the risk of infectious diseases among children vaccinations and learning the basics of hygiene, said the CPS. So, one of the most effective methods of prevention is regular hand-washing, said the Agency
European countries shamefully silent, watching the war that is being waged against today monuments to the heroes of the struggle against Nazism. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
"RG" publishes the transcript of the fourth part of the special project TASS "20 questions to Vladimir Putin". The Russian leader responded to questions about resonant cases, Regardie and rallies
The working group for preparation of amendments to the Constitution will discuss the specific wording with Vladimir Putin on February 26. It is already known that the preamble of the Basic Law decided not to change. Instead be prepared for changes in "profile" laws and codes
The Federal tax service introduced the "online calculator" for business. With the help of the entrepreneurs after the abolition of the unified tax on imputed income will be able to choose the other most suitable mode
The RF code on administrative offences can be part of the article providing for punishment for failure to take measures against quarantine weeds. This was reported by a member of the Federation Council Irina Rukavishnikova
All progress on ensuring stability in the world is under threat largely because of the egocentrism of Western countries headed by the USA. This was the leitmotif of the speeches of the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov in Geneva
In 2018, the UN Committee on human rights announced the preparation of "Comments" to the International Covenant on civil and political rights, including the right of citizens to peaceful Assembly. The document will have recommendatory character. Countries and human rights organizations started to send in UN proposals. The Russian Federation said one of the last c document reviewed "Kommersant".
The Russians will be able to sell the property which is in pledge at Bank, at the best possible price. The corresponding bill submitted to the Duma
National projects differ from previous government programs and concrete goals, resources to achieve them and personal liability of executors. This was stated by the President of Russia in the third series of an interview with TASS
The making unfounded accusations on the "Russian theme" becomes a bad American political tradition, says the statement of the Russian Embassy in the United States. This approach harms the relations between the two countries, said the diplomats
The reason for the difficulties in relations between Russia and Ukraine are external factors, we need to stop supporting "party of war" in Kiev, and the conflict itself will cease. This was stated by Senator Konstantin Kosachev
The US President Donald trump said that the us intelligence community and the Democratic party guilty of fraud to cause damage to it, and the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, who's running for nomination as the democratic candidate in the presidential election in November
In the state Duma Committee on state construction and legislation, has received 266 amendments to the Constitution, and taking into account the proposals in the Working group - about 600. How's the work on the amendments to the Basic law of the country, "RG" said Pavel Krasheninnikov
The qualification of locomotive began testing in Russia. After the exams of the state Commission they will receive a certificate for the right to control the locomotive. To operate trains has banned convicted or suspected of crimes related to extremism and terrorism
The Russian Embassy in Washington said that anti-Russian statements made by participants in the election campaign in the United States has contributed to unprecedented degradation of bilateral relations
The fire inspectors in the past year has written 62 thousand fines totaling 1.1 billion rubles. About it reports a press-service of EMERCOM of Russia. It is noted that in 2012 the amount of the fines amounted to almost 5 billion rubles
FNS has updated the mobile application "My tax" for the self-employed. Now there is available the feature of auto payment. In the near future will be able to deduct contributions to the Pension Fund, the Ministry reported
Motorists can divide the degree of the probability of getting into an accident. Moreover, these violations are also invited to share at the risk of creation of an emergency. The concept is now being developed by the working group at the Russian popular front
In the near future can be held a new round of negotiations between Moscow and Ankara on the situation in Idlib province. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, adding that Russia will do everything that the region has become a fully functioning area of de-escalation
According to the channel Sky News Arabia, Palestinian factions and Israeli authorities reached an agreement on ceasefire
Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Elena Bibikova spoke about the situations in which the person's pension may be less. This happens, for example, if it turns out that when her appointment was a mistake. Because of this error pension accrual may be increased
Relevant document published on the website of the Cabinet

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