In Russia will start to produce unique copper

From Chita to Enchantment can be reached in two ways: a thousand miles on the winter road, across the Amur Tynda or on antediluvian an-24. Initiated to accelerate the reconstruction of the airport was organized by the Ministry for development of Russian Far East and the Arctic.

Photo: Press-service of the emergencies Ministry In Russia continue to operate more than a thousand winter roads

Kalar district of the Transbaikal region holds proven and proven Geology 26 million tons of pure copper. There is enriched uranium, “unreliable” were serving sentences. In the taiga for centuries, deer graze, and on the local permafrost is not growing cultural vegetable.

here Today have forgotten what building and decent roads. But lately the local population, the descendants of geologists and builders, there is hope for economic growth and stability. At Udokan copper Deposit is under construction and metallurgical combine, which in all respects claims to be unique.

I flew to this far corner of the Zabaykalsky region in the company of Minister of development of Far East and the Arctic Alexander Kozlov, Governor of the region Alexander Osipov.

Photo: Press-service of the government of Transbaikalian edge In Transbaikalia, a party of new buses

– After the reconstruction the airport will be able to receive and send flights in the dark, now its activities are restricted to daylight hours, says Minister his adviser Dmitry Tatarkin, who arrived in Chara the day before.

– This airport is the important social object, its reconstruction is long overdue. Construction will be in the field of close attention of our Ministry, – says Alexander Kozlov.

Kalarsky district, even by the standards of the distant Transbaikalia hinterland – bottom does not get it. His district Chara is a village with streets blackened by time yards, behind which lives the village of Novaya Chara zhmenya with a comfortable five-story building and three-storey school. School here, by the way, is younger than all the other objects built in 1989. The temple of knowledge to this day looks at the harsh life of the local crosses wooden frames, repairs periodically, but only cosmetic.

Here the ancestral lands of the Evenks, the steel thread of Bama and the prospects for geological capital of the Far East. For decades they have remained in promising-the foggy outlines.

Photo: Anton novoderezhkin/TASS “Yandex” will create a map of attractions Transbaikalia

– In 1949, geologist Yelizaveta Burova opened in this area a unique copper Deposit. The first thing she heard from the high authorities: “would you have opened it on the moon…” – said the Director of the local Museum.

Nearly seventy years is unprecedented copper Kingdom was covered with large and sonorous to hum a copper basin.

Only a few years ago here with serious intentions gone mining company, which now leads the construction of Udokan mining and metallurgical plant.

Thirty kilometers he was the first to overcome the mountain road on superbroadening “vahtovyh”.

This road is already on the way similar! A year ago it was incomparably worse – explains Nikolai Gudkov, a spokesman mining company.

He knows the answer, and my surprise is: why the state has nearly seventy years, never got around to this wonderful copper deposits.

Photo: TASS In the far East have successfully implemented alternative energy

– Here lies a complex ore body, which consists of the different composition of ores. Until recently, just didn’t have the technology that would allow them to split, extract metal, – says Nikolay.

On the hillside stand firmly electrosupport, boiling a large construction project, has already seen the contours of a future factory. The miles Foundation, the “wall” of the valve, here and there flashed the electric spark.

– there are more than two thousand people, according to the plan in 2022 will receive your first copper of the highest standard and of the highest quality, – said Valeriy Kazikaev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the mining company.

the primary plan is processing 12 million of ore per year, then the design capacity of the factory will be released on a figure of 48 million tons.

the Future of mining and metallurgical factory here waiting as a child in the New year. People understand that the unique Deposit of copper will give a stable job, the taxes will help to develop infrastructure, to change the quality of life here, which remains tough even for this distance.

One example. A plane ticket to Chita and back is 14 thousand rubles. This is a local pension!.. To buy it is luck in its purest form.

Photo: Tatiana Andreeva/WG Prosecutors have developed a draft law against “black lumberjacks”

– we Have even head of the district flew in the baggage compartment, and that’s talking about us? – shrugs locals.

to Talk about the situation with the staff in the hospital and the school too.

in short, Zn is complicated, unfairly cut off from civilization, partly frozen in the past. But with distinct signs of positive change. If the first development of these lands wore more consumer in nature, were focused exclusively on mining, but now the national interest has shifted to the creation of conditions for life. People should be lived comfortably in the vast expanses of Russia. In the case of Chara, all the action on social issues will surely result in an impressive cost. But the reward will be priceless – in addition to the copper reserves.

Direct speech

Alexander Kozlov, Minister of development of the Far East and the Arctic:

– measures of support that she offers to the state, contribute to the fact that companies are starting to implement license ten or more years ago.

Udokan copper Deposit is a glaring example. This support is essential to the investors in the far Eastern Federal district. Here, as nowhere else, inaccessible, and sparsely populated territory.

In this case we work with the investor on the construction of the road from the train station Chara to the future factory. The investor’s task is to formulate a project to create an enterprise that will provide jobs and taxes. And we have these faces possible to turn to the social plane.