Empty because of the quarantine cottages will protect private security

Official representative of Regardie Valery Gribakin was frankly startled by the question – and who hinders to not isolate themselves in the apartment and in the country? The departure is not prohibited. Of course, it is not necessary to arrange a mass picnics. But to spend the quarantine with his family in a country house – it is a good option.

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And that option many have used, so talking about empty suburban cooperatives and cottage settlements is hardly appropriate. Protection of country houses is in normal PSCs and private security. Any emergency, enhanced measures are taken – there is no reason.

by the Way, Valery Gribakin recalled that the private security of Regardie ensures the safety of over a million apartments, private houses, villas and garages. That is not a single successful robbery of protected objects was not. But arrested 9 of thousands of criminals who are wanted, initiated 18 thousand criminal cases on illegal penetration into the dwelling. Only in Moscow every night on patrol go 6.5 thousand employees of private security. In General, those who entered into the contract on security – protect your home guaranteed.

then there are others who have not attended such protection, you could lose your property and without any quarantine cases were. The robbers may “enclose” a building either during the winter or three hours, when the hosts had gone into the shop.

there is feverish preparation of the owners of private houses to the defense, no one hastily arming – the demand for civilian weapons is not sharply increased. The number of trunks in the four million Russians remained at the same level, 6.5 units. All this “good” is controlled by the departments of licenses and permits of which from 26 state services 25 are in electronic form. And promise loyalty to those who for fear of coronavirus has delayed the deadline for re-registration of their weapons.

That is, people are not afraid that under the pretext of lack of food and money – a pier, from-for quarantine many have lost their livelihoods – will start the pogroms. While in Moscow this has not happened and, God willing, will not.

the Interlocutors of the correspondent “RG” in the security services and law enforcement, however, does not deny some possibility of unpleasant incidents and preparing for them in advance. They can occur in two cases.

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for Example, a long knit gang just take a moment, gather a crowd of homeless people and provoke an attack on the private stall or shop. While the tramps are “for free” to eat and drink, they’ll take the most valuable and will disappear quickly. The police in the first place, will be to deal with these homeless people that will give time to criminals to leave. But the coronavirus and associated quarantine – just a good excuse for ordinary criminality, and not the cause.

Another option – the situation of migrant workers. Especially illegal. So they can really be in a difficult situation, as many are paid in envelopes. So, losing work, is not entitled to claim any compensation, including from local authorities. The police know about these labor brigades and are ready to apply preventive measures. But rather, we need social and administrative measures, from humanitarian assistance to forced removal.

However, those who do come to Russia to work – work. Other slipping into ethnic gangs. In short, nothing newon criminals, as before, do their wickedness, operatives and special forces they are caught. So quarantine it.