Accidents and deaths on the roads will consider new

this Document was developed in the framework of realization of Federal project “road Safety” national project “Safe and quality roads” and is aimed at improving road traffic accidents. The rules clarify terms and specify the cases that the official statistics of road accident will not be included.

Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti I Forgot my license at home, and you are stopped by traffic police inspector. What to do?

Recall that those who died in the accident is a road traffic accident died at the scene or from its effects within 30 subsequent days.

the statistics do not include information about accidents that occurred during sporting events – car and motorcycle racing. And during preparation for them.

Excluded from road traffic accidents drop passengers in buses. So far, they spoil the statistics. Fall grandmother on the bus, hit, turn to the doctor, and all stats added another accident. When the order comes into force, this will no longer happen.

Also, the accident will not be considered the actions of officials at a compulsory stop of cars.

the List of agencies involved in the accident, in addition to Russian Association of motor Insurers to be able to obtain information about the accident, executed without the participation of authorized police officers. After all, not all accidents come to the attention of the traffic police.

Photo: RIA Novosti traffic police: most of the worst offenders travel to Moscow and region

Almost half of the accidents without victims were executed according to the Europrotocol, that is without calling the traffic police. But this does not mean that information on such accidents should disappear. After all, it is necessary to establish places of concentration of road accident, to identify the causes of accidents and to make such places safe. Often the cause of an accident is the wrong traffic.

the adoption of this resolution will allow us to minimize the discrepancy between official statistical information on deaths in the accident with the information available in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, medical organizations and the Federal service of state statistics.