Not naked gun: can you get coronavirus at the gas station

As with any place public filling stations represent an increased risk of infection. Useful tips how to protect yourself and not to get reduced, often to a set of simple, uniform rules is to wear a mask, use an antiseptic, wash hands frequently, and when visiting retail outlets to put on disposable gloves.

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In the case of gas stations that there are more tips to use contactless methods of payment or online payment, the services of a tanker, and a rule to fill a full tank. If refueling at the gas station no, the greatest risk of catching the infection appears to be through the gun column. So take it with bare hands is not recommended. Even if there is no disposable gloves, you can use a cloth or napkin, which then must be discarded, and the hands treated with antiseptic.

At petrol stations themselves are also trying to protect customers from the spread of infection. Oddly enough, on simple request, “RG” about the security measures at gas stations during a pandemic responded briskly, mostly independent of the network stations. Major oil company ignored him, except for “Gazprom oil”, which was told that the staff at their gas station before each shift has passed the inspection and in case of detection of signs of sickness are not allowed to work. In addition, for employees and customers in the sales area provided for antiseptic treatment of hands, and at all stations of the network provided the possibility of online payment of fuel without leaving the car via a mobile application.

Executive Director gas station “Route” Oleg alexeenkov told RG that the gas stations of the network are operating normally, but the number of the employees shift at each station reduced to four. Before the shift they undergo a medical examination and a security briefing for admission to work, and duty crews during the workday go round filling stations and conduct additional temperature monitoring employees. The territory of the gas stations are sanitary processing, and each worker on the day are given a set of disposable masks. Cafes are closed, and trade is take-out only.

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the network of gas stations “Neft’magistral ‘” adopted similar measures. All their outlets are equipped with markings to comply with social distance. Employees also undergo a daily medical examination and work gloves. Cafe at the gas station operates in a “take-out only”. In addition, gas stations are available free of antiseptic and service contactless charging.

In light of the above, it may be advisable to motorists, stopping at the gas station, to pay attention to a few things. The first is the masks and gloves the employees of the gas station. The second is the availability of antiseptics on-site refueling. Third – the presence of marking to comply with social distance at the box office and the Windows of the delivery of the goods. It is also desirable to verify the possibility of contactless charging and payment services. It does not give an absolute guarantee of safety, but will minimize the risks of infection.

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