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Friday, July 10, 2020
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Alexander Sokurov is working on exhibition "Rembrandt - the return of the prodigal son" for the Hermitage. Efim Shifrin reading poetry for online audience. And Tatiana Ustinova, writing a novel, which urgently needs to end
While #sidengama - holidays note home too. For example, 5 April - the international day of soup. This material was prepared to 365 anniversary of the reunification of Russia and Ukraine. "Kitchen of the homeland" reminds us how to prepare a festive lunch of borscht, "kartoplyaniki" and dumplings with cherries
Painting, cooking, foreign languages, preparing for the holiday season. The residents of the city came to the conclusion that quarantine is the time to do it, which did not reach the hands. What? It and found out the correspondent "RG"
In terms of isolation important exercise. Even a simple walk from the stove to the bed and back helps a person relieving psychological stress, experts say. Read more about this in the article "WG"
In Moscow has opened Europe's largest indoor amusement Park "dream Island". Under one roof there fit famous streets in the world, as well as a unique themed attractions. Tells RG what kind of entertainment prepared for visitors
On Saturday in Moscow has opened a new amusement Park "dream Island". Among the first visitors turned out to be and newlyweds who decided to get married. According to preliminary calculations, the first day the Park can enjoy up to 40 thousand people