Do at home than Muscovites, which is now possible not to hurry anywhere

Home alone

When you Wake up in the morning with the idea that work should not have and got the whole week, which can be done at home, so what to do? You can make a charge to wash all the dishes, sorting through old things. Barely half a day, and seem to have so many things remade! What’s next? “Sit down at the computer and to YouTube start to read a lecture on “Optimistic people live longer. Why?” says “RG” Maya Saulovna Tabachnikov. She has a story to tell. The first of may, the Muscovite will be 91! But it’s hard to believe. She and at home with a trendy short haircut, and sudovym manicure, a colour scarf on his neck and a smile, not descending from the face. Retirement Maya Saulovna left five years ago. According to her, life in business – this is the entrance ticket to longevity. From the help of a social worker she refuses now. “I never get bored to quickly find something for everyone. Before the quarantine was painted all week – pool, Nordic walking, meeting in the social center for thematic discussions. Now moved online, she says. – Everything that is happening, my generation is not afraid. Not because we are at the end of life, but because we have a lot of experience. I survived the cholera epidemic of the 70-ies in Odessa, when there were few drugs, fewer opportunities alerts, no masks and disinfectants. Now there are all, we know that we are protected.”

The father to take the child quarantined

In the life of the Maya Tabachnikov taught school, worked in the theater, in the 60 years it took to journalism, a career which ended in 85 years with the closure of the magazine “Itogi”. Now she’s a popular blogger.

There’s a recipe for boredom and Muscovite Yulia Solomatina – she offers to decorate apartment walls with bright and unusual patterns. To draw them it will help in Instagram, where it broadcasts live. Everyone meet on her page at exactly 11.00 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But the lesson there is one condition – no mention of the malicious virus.

like crafts? It to Natalia Touliginous – she invites you to her circle on YouTube. “Everyone in the “chests” there are unnecessary things: scraps of fabrics, old jewelry. If you find artifacts, not in a hurry to get rid of, they can become a stylish accessory,” she begins her testimony before the invention of the brooch boho.

Time with benefits

you Can dust off books or to review the gigabytes of your favorite movies and TV series. And it is possible in real-time to find a partner for a game of chess or Billiards in which the cue replaces the mouse. “My grandson was shown how to throw the balls on the computer, now is the time “flies” and to quarantine every day I went to play pool in “My social hub”, it was opened quite recently in front of my house in the Preobrazhensky district,” – said Mikhail Kalinin. 67-year-old pensioner admits that he lacks the atmosphere of the club, although the virtual players come across decent, especially chess.

Photo: Video: what to do with themselves quarantined

What gift to buy boxes, if they can be done by hand, says Elena Repnikova, which in Instagram shows his works in the technique of decoupage. The main thing – to purchase brushes, paints and special putty: “the Work is so addictive that you forget about everything. Only two days and you from an ordinary glass bottle on the table is the original vase, on a gift can make a cutting Board, candle holder, dish, and everything.”

But Galina Arkadevna, the King, seeing in Network protective masks from different designers with a fancy pattern, decided not to lag behind. The more a sewing machine at home there is tissue full. “Recently came to visit daughter and granddaughter and said that he would like to find a protective mask, and offered a joke to make them. I agreed, and when they seeDelhi that turned a stylish accessory, with pleasure tried on and told friends. In the end the orders I now have more than enough, but money for work do not take all as a gift,” admits the 70-year-old Galina Arkadevna. She is a doctor and is still working at a major research University colleagues, knowing that a new virus is especially dangerous for the elderly, sent her to quarantine. “I don’t understand how you can miss when at hand the Internet,” she adds.

the Cottage is not far off

If a person is quarantined, it’s time to start preparing for the summer season purchasing on the Internet with delivery of seeds, fertilizers, rack for greenhouse, film in the garden, think about where in the country to break new beds, and right on the balcony to arrange them in miniature. The psychologist in the Moscow service for psychological help Catherine Igonina advises to experiment: “Perhaps someone was always attracted to the idea of growing watermelons, and someone dreamed of a rare variety of English roses in the garden miss Marple, or really wanted the Alpine slide. No need to procrastinating, start right now to dream. Some seeds you have to sow directly into the window. When they sprout and get stronger, they will need to be transplanted into the open ground”.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG What to do in Moscow during the quarantine

the Psychologist advises to still seek the advice of experts. On the Internet, in addition to forums, there are groups in social networks, and YouTube channels, in which bloggers share their experience in gardening or landscape design with subscribers. In the comments under the video you can ask any questions and participate in discussions between like-minded people on thematic forums.

to limber up before the season will help online training for every taste – Zumba, yoga and even ballet. Their advice on the Network share and nutritionists, because when stay with food alone, is difficult to resist and can easily gain weight.

the Council “RG”Theatre “on remote”

the Online theatre gathers a larger audience than could fit room. Muscovites look at the record:

the Theatre of the Hermitage:

“the Last letter”, 12+;

“the God”, 18+;

“don Quixote”, 16+;

“Kings”, 16+;

“I’m not home”, 16+.

is fine:

“the Maids”, 18+;

“Phaedra”, 18+.

Theatre in the South-West:

“Baba Chanel”, 16+;

“Master and Margarita”, 16+;

“the Walpurgis night”, 16+.

Theatre Et Cetera:

“Fahrenheit 451” (part 1), 16+;

“Fahrenheit 451” (part 2), 16+;

“Persons”, 16+.

Theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky.

“Marriage”, 12+;

“Dead souls”, 12+.

Cstates panic

the Most important thing is not to forget to communicate, psychologists say. After all, quarantine is still isolation, and hence, seeing, listening, reading, better call your friends and tell them about their experiences. At the slightest sign of concern to Muscovites it is necessary to turn to psychologists for the emergency urban or 051 +7 (495) 051 mobile or virtual to attend the online classes.