As people sit home when we cannot go outside

the”Index of self-isolation cannot be used for accurate calculations – warned the press service of “Yandex”. An integrated indicator based on the usage data in a variety of applications and services. It only gives information to assess the situation.”

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Relatively well with restrictions Muscovites – here the result is 3.4 points. Followed by Saint Petersburg and Perm – by 3.3 points. The most active people, if you take the cities, I live in Novosibirsk – 2.6 points.

the creators of the index, offered this interpretation: 4-5 means “hardly anybody on the streets”, 2.4 to 3.9 points – “most people at home”, 0-2,4 points – “the street a lot of people.” For comparison: in Moscow on March 5, the day before the holiday and before the imposition of restrictions on movement around the city, the rate was 0.3 points.

it is Clear that declared a state of isolation does not provide for capitation of sitting at home. There are people who need to attend work. Couriers deliver food and medicine, on the road, using minor traffic, carry out repair, rescue emergency services. And the walk with the dogs, like to go to the store, no one stops. So a certain amount of passers-by and drivers will still be, and the index at 5 points under the current conditions of the quarantine should not wait. But, except for those who need to be on the street, there are also those who go into the fresh air without the seemingly necessary. Just walk like coronavirus does not exist. The majority of people who just need help to find the strength to sit at home, believes the Director of the Center for psychological counseling HSE Irina Makarova.

“a man accustomed to the active life everydayinym rituals such as travel to work, sit all day at home, especially if you have to work very uncomfortable, especially at first, – says Irina Makarova. – To force myself to stay within four walls, needs a strong motivation, awareness of the risk for ourselves and for others. In General, any sudden change of way of life is given to man is very difficult. In this situation easier was people with not too developed social ties. They had sat mostly at home, and now sit. For them little has changed, I used these people the world has become obligatory for all.”

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Psychologists recommend to pay special attention to those who have not too high adaptability. So difficult to embrace change and to rebuild their lives. Can help them close friends – most make phone calls, but better – a video, be interested in their Affairs, to listen. “The easiest way to adapt to life in isolation – begin to respect the day, – continues Irina Makarova. – Another very important physical activity, every possible. Even just walking from the stove to the bed and back helps a person relieving psychological tension”.

If not yourself to convince yourself of the need to sit at home, you should ask the help of psychologists. In social networks launched a campaign with the hashtag #razreshennykh. There among other professionals there are psychologists and psychotherapists are ready to help online, and some of them might hold a consultation or for free or for very little money.