How to conduct the self-isolation Sokurov, Ustinov and Shifrin

Alexander Sokurov: “I Work, waiting for good news” Photo: From personal archive of Alexander Sokurov

the Employees of our Foundation work at home, – told “RG” the film Director Alexander Sokurov, we are talking about non-commercial Fund of support of cinematography “an Example of intonation” (Foundation Alexander Sokurov). – Preparing to launch the production of three feature films debut. Working on new paintings will be in conjunction with the film Studio “Lenfilm”.

Photo: Alexander vilf / RIA Novosti Russian figure skater showed what to do during the isolation

the installation of my new film about the Second world war. Unfortunately, remotely.

work Continues on my directing course at the St. Petersburg Institute of cinema and television.

the Rector of Institute Alexander Evmenov asked about the lessons remotely. Unfortunately, I had to change the usual form. I am at home and full and midnight – all in the work. Waiting for good news.

Our group continues to work on exhibition “Rembrandt – the return of the prodigal son” for the Hermitage. It is an expanded fantasy after the demonstration in Venice. I hope will arouse great interest of visitors of my beloved Hermitage. Opening soon in June of this year. Work, nothing will stop us.

Efim Shifrin: “Akhmadulina Read and learn English” Photo: Anton Dotsenko

– As I spend time in isolation? Read poems by Pushkin, Akhmadulina, Mandelstam, Tarkovsky. And post recordings to the Internet – said “RG” comedian, actor and the uswow musical Theatre, writer and blogger Efim Shifrin. – Also upload video and photo excerpts from performances and concerts over the years. Call it “dusty shelves”. Even the posts of “What to read in isolation”.

My personal experience of small businesses are now hardly different from a group of all those who for a time lost her main job. So a typical day consists mainly of English classes on Skype, multiple approaches to the sport stops and the expander, the fractional (sorry, redundant) power supply and virtual travels, in which one link as the bump throws me to the other.

Tatyana Ustinova: “I have no time. I don’t have time!” Photo: From personal archive Tatiana Ustinova

– I am never in a hurry. No time to think, to be quiet, to sit, to lie down, watch TV, as the famous chef teaches life less famous – questions “RG” writer, TV presenter Tatyana Ustinova answered in writing. I’m not a bit ashamed of what I “TV” people: watch TV and I don’t feel old pepper pot, left behind by life.

I Must confess that harbored regarding quarantine of certain illusions. Incidentally, the TV a lot this helped. From there I was urged to stay at home to “stay with relatives, to do a General cleaning, to give time to “self-development”! Here it is “self-development” is especially easy when advised from the TV! – how can I spend time in isolation.

How to look #etisalate the times of Pushkin, Dostoevsky and Chekhov

I don’t have time. I don’t have time! To think, to sit, to read, to see the famous chefs! “Personal development” is a very funny word, isn’t it? – remained only in dreams and the advice of people from the TV who seem to know some secret how to manage being quarantined.

I’m writing a novel and I need finish it, I hasten publisher who stole employees online, honor and praise him, but all continue to work, work and work, as we bequeathed great Lenin.

I give an endless interview requests has been increased many times and there are publications and people that I cannot and do not want to deny, here, for example “the Russian newspaper”. If I give interviews online, my husband has me to take off and every time it attraction, after which we giggle like epileptic – he can’t shoot, and I don’t know how to act when he takes it.

I need to read Ehrenburg – and I read it long ago, and forgotten, well, almost everything. I need to read Prilepin, a lot of work about Yesenin, very interesting to me, and I don’t have time. I need to finish spondylitis, because it explains a lot of what I don’t understand, in principle, also, the human brain is the greatest of mysteries, and it is important something to know about it, because I have – you will laugh! – he also is, and I have no idea how it works.

Photo: Actors theatre of Novosibirsk sang in the insulation cover of the hit ed Sheeran

to Chat with children I don’t have time. All four of them: the eldest son Teddy and his girlfriend Marina, niece Sasha and the younger Timothy to learn and work “on distance”. About 9 am they go to their rooms and rake out around 7 PM. Marina teaches at the MGIMO, she has endless classes, Tim and Sasha are studying in MSU, they have an endless lectures and seminars, Bear wrote the script, and it too, like me, hasten.

I Have a new small dog, the Prazsky krysarik, somechno called breed. She’s a lady, delicate nature. I don’t have time to do it! I work and she lays on my lap and watching me beating my fingers on the keyboard.

My husband solves the problem, and it is not up to me. When the evening we are taken to cook dinner, we meet as if not seen for a week. Well, actually, almost true, because we are all busy.

it’s hard for Me to give advice on what to do when bored. I’m not bored.

“RG” will continue to publish stories of famous people about its isolation.

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