“the Eldest son” will be shown on 7 and 8 September on the Stage at the Clean ponds. 10 and 11 September – on Stage at the Sukharev will be the play-detective “And then there were none”. About it a press-the attache of the theatre Olga Andreikin told TASS.

She noted that ticket prices have remained the same as they were before the pandemic. That’s just the number of tickets was halved – auditorium, according to the recommendations of the CPS can be filled only by 50 percent.

“Eldest son” on the scene “Snuffboxes” puts Director Alena Lapteva. Starring Arthur Kasimov, Pavel Shawanda, Sergei Belyaev, Pavel Chernyshov and Maxim Sachkov, Sevastian Smyshnikov, Natalia Popova, Arina Evtushenko.

the plot of the play Vampilov known to many: two young men, late for the last train, knocking at the first door. One of them is a Lord’s son that he never knew existed.

Alena Lapteva convinced that today Vampilov relevant and modern as ever. “I was interested in the story of how a stranger, a stranger becomes a mother. How can you accept such a turn of events not just in theory but in practice, how does this accretion. “All men are brothers” is not only the name of the unfinished oratorio Sarafanov, it is the principle of his life,” explains the Director.

the Play “And then there were none” was written by the Agatha Christie based on her same novel, known to us as “Ten little Indians”. It all began with an ancient counting about ten little black children, which the author later for reasons of political correctness, was renamed the Indians. The same defenseless and become the characters in the play, trapped in a mansion on the island, a mysterious avenger.

the Play-detective puts the artistic Director of theatre Vladimir Mashkov. “It’s rare in the theatre genre, the genre is complex, requiring the artist’s great skill. Extreme manifestations of emotions that the characters feel the face of their own and others ‘death, give the richest opportunities for transformation”, – quotes its words a press-service.

the Main characters, according to Mashkov, be cornered, build in your mind a new reality where the evil caused by them appears as heroism. The Director intends to explore how “there is a transition from the laws of human society to the laws of the pack where everyone is trying to be saved, or justified by trying to destroy the apparent source of the threat of retribution.”

“heroes “dark swing” – from guilt to innocence – shakes the strongest fear. The different kinds of it and we are going to explore in our performance. This is an interesting, sometimes scary journey.”, – says Vladimir Mashkov.

the Scenery for the play was created by the famous sculptor Alexander Rukavishnikov, to whom this work became the debut in the theater. And over suit��mi did the famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin.

the role of the ten “little Indians” will be performed by Boris Plotnikov, Anna chipovskaya, Eugene Miller, Sergey Ugryumov, Yegorov Vitaly, Alyona Lapteva, Sergei Belyaev, Igor Petrov, Jan Sexta, Vladislav Miller, Vladislav Naumov.