The real “buffet” (for the sake of justice – and even the chair) in the village of Ransater ready to take local residents from 10 may until the autumn. As told 36-year-old Linda Karlsson, the idea came to them with her husband in the head in March, when they suddenly decided to visit elderly parents. “Maybe it was rude of us, but we didn’t let them in the house. Both over seventy, we didn’t want to put them at risk of infection”, – said the woman. But the solution was found: the native was seated at the table on nature and the soul were fed a delicious lunch which was served through the kitchen window. The elderly were delighted. Then Linda and Rasmus, a former chef, I thought, why not get on the meadow and the other guests, even one at a time!

to Arrange a table for two, the hosts are not at risk – who knows what. Although most food service establishments in Sweden are still working, many people are still cautious. By the way, a couple of the Stockholm restaurants has recently closed due to the fact that they did not meet the new sanitary requirements of social distancing. Visitors unusual open-air tavernas can not worry: the food will come to them in a basket on a rope a rope, just like in the movies.

the menu many delights, for example, ginger-carrot puree and blueberries with cold milk according to the recipe of the grandmother of the Rasmus. As the owner of a popular Scandinavian Kingdom network of pubs already promised to help with the delivery of the drinks. The restaurateurs did not set the price tag. “We understand that everyone has different financial circumstances. People lose their jobs, lose their loved ones. How much to pay for such an adventure – we leave to the discretion of each guest,” says Linda.

Many of the neighbors have rushed to stake out a table. Among them, the gallery owner, who lives 50 kilometers away from the Rasmussen and Linda. Is he gonna roll up to the restaurant for its eco-friendly electric bike. The funny thing is that at first he thought the table in the meadow conceived as an artistic installation. But it turned out that there still buying.