Swarms of locusts attacked Africa for the second time this year

Insects 20 times more than it was in “record invasion” for the first time.

African countries in early April, faced with esperantistoj “attack” of locusts. According to experts, the new wave of the invasion turned out to be 20 times more than the previous one at the beginning of this year, which back then was called a record.

First Denmark, then Sweden, Denmark… Billions of the young desert locusts are winging in from breeding grounds in Somalia in search of fresh vegetation springing up with seasonal rains. pic.twitter.com/fLAwMNz8MH

Billions of insects emerge alive carpet everything and destroy crops, which threatens starvation for millions of people.

the Situation is complicated and coronavirus. due quarantined farmers are unable to leave their homes and to protect farmland, and from closed borders and restrictions on travel and the delivery of pesticides is carried out with long delays.

#Covid19 #COVID19KE posing challenges in fighting locusts but the fight continues FAO @FAO @FAOKenya https://t.co/dilc9IBiJH

in addition, due quarantine was suspended the work of field officers that made the prediction and solution of the situation in General. In connection with this situation, the UN increased the amount of aid to Africa from $ 76 million to 153 million, writes the Daily Mail.

Africa faces ‘unprecedented threat’ from locust outbreak is 20 times larger than the one earlier this year https://t.co/FT84HYy1RC

However, the experts ‘ forecasts are disappointing. due climate change and favorable conditions for breeding, in late June is expected the third wave of the invasion of locusts, which in size may be significantly more.

Catherine Gura

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