Svetlichnaya accused of TV theft

The star of the movie “the diamond arm” Svetlana Svetlichnaya told that her home was visited by the staff of one of the channels, and after they left she missed a large amount of money. About it the actress said the publication of

According to Svetlichny, she agreed to give an interview and “tell about his relationship with the granddaughter who does not give money, borrowed”.

“one known host is the worker, whose name is Eugene. He last week called and wanted me to come home. To talk about the granddaughter and our relationship. I immediately said that I don’t understand why he comes home to me. She was ready to go to the meeting”, – said the actress.

However, according to her, the TV crew had insisted on coming to visit, and came together – journalist and cameraman.

“I remembered what the operator told me to go to another room. But Jack remained in the other room. It after five minutes came to us with a bottle of champagne”, she said.

The actress said that he had discovered the loss of the money after the guests left.

“I had 800 thousand rubles in my wallet. And now there remained two hundred. He took them for himself. I’m not afraid to say it. But money missing and a Bank card. The police never addressed. Now I want to go to their bosses and tell”, she explained.

Rambler wrote that earlier Svetlichnaya said that his granddaughter was trying to poison her with mercury, to take possession of the capital the apartment.